Small Town Fans

March 7, 2014

bulldogOne of the joys of living in a small town is the enthusiasm shared by everyone for the high school’s sports teams.  Yesterday the Ellensburg High School girls basketball team was on their way to the state championship game.  Prior to leaving for the big game, the tradition is that the team makes their way around town to the 3 elementary schools.

As I arrived to work in my kindergarten class today, all my little kids were putting their finishing touches on the banners they’d each made for the basketball team.  Then it was time to join the rest of the school out in the parking lot.  A few of the older boys came and taught our little ones how to do a cheer and then we were ready.  The school bus came in with the horn honking escorted by two fire trucks with lights flashing.  The team exited the bus and ran down the long row of elementary kids giving high fives to them all.  Then it was back on the bus and off to the next school, waving and cheering and then…off to the BIG game.

Simple, important, fun, all rolled into one…go Bulldogs!


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