Signs of Spring

March 18, 2014

The first sign of spring has arrived, I turned off the seat warmer in my car.  I am pretty sure it has been on non-stop since October, but this week I turned it off, which must be a sign, that Spring is just around the corner.  
springpicm1Then came the wind…a sure sign that winter is no longer in charge.  However, the wind was strong, very strong and very cold.  The wind was so strong and blowing in a new direction that it broke the large gate latch inviting all three horses to romp in the front yard.  Not so much fun for My Girl and Number Two Son who were frantically attempting to corral the 3 large animals with the wind howling.  The horses went out into the street and ventured for a bit into a neighboring field as well, completely increasing the horse wranglers angst.  A passing driver stopped to help with the wrangling and eventually the three horses were returned to our pasture.  The helpful stranger now couldn’t get back into her car, because in all the excitement her dog stepped on the latch inside her truck, completely locking her out…in the wind…the cold wind.

I was summoned to all the activity on my lunch break…in the wind…the cold wind…and turned my seat warmer back on.

One response to “Signs of Spring”

  1. Diane Brown says:

    God bless the inventor of seat warmers. Glad the horses are safe.

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