Shopping extremes

June 15, 2012

Off to the big ‘city’ today, (Spokane) to help the kids with Wedding plans, a 3 hour drive there.  We got plenty done in a whirl wind day and ended up with extremes in shopping.  Our first stop was at Big R, one of these stores that continue to fascinate me, where you can buy, pickles, cattle tags, boots, wedding bands and bridles, just to name a few.  Pat got a new Stetson for Father’s day, so at least one of us is ready for the rodeo!

Lunch was de-lish and approved for the rehearsal dinner.  So we ran off to Spokane’s Trader Joe’s.  If you’ve never lived near a Trader Joe’s you really don’t understand what we’ve given up to move to the country.  There’s no wonderful grocery store with terrible parking, the work crew in Hawaiian shirts, good cheap wine, wonderful brie and all type of edible goodies.  A quick stock up of the necessities… and we were off again.

This mother of the groom did not like the 2nd dress that was delivered via the internet.  It was time to get serious and try the darn things on!  Parking a big truck in the ‘big’ city is not all that fun.  So we grabbed the first spot we could and then walked a few blocks to the mall, a bit further than planned.  However,  we struck gold within minutes.  Not only did all 4 of us love the dress, but would you believe it was on sale!!  Woo-hoo, we’re cooking with gas now, (no actually at Glory Farm, we’re still stuck with electric, but you know what I mean).

Now it is time!!!  We’ve got the frock, we need…. the hat!  “Do you have wedding hats?”.  “No, but they have them at ‘Finders Keepers’.  Just a few blocks…”.  So, of course we walk and walk and walk a little more, until we make it.  We go in, to see jewelry everywhere.  “Can I help you?”  “Do you have hats?”  “Oh, no.  That’s at ‘Finders Keepers’ II” (Insert bad British word here).  By this time, we old people were feeling old, so we dispatched the groom-to-be to collect the truck and come back for his parental units.

Now let me tell you, Finders Keepers II has hats!!!  Big hats, little hats, fancy hats and in every  color.  The one thing I could not do when looking for the right hat to wear to my first born’s wedding was look at the price tag, because….  there are only a few hats that are going to go with my dress and there are even fewer hats that are going to actually fit my big head!  All said and done, it is a very good thing my darling dress was on sale!  The Bride approves, the groom approves (I think) and my British husband is delighted!

Don’t you love it?  Seriously????  You’ve got to wait for the wedding….

  • Christa P

    I DO love it! 😉

  • Sheena

    Love Pat’s titfa! can’t wait to see yours!

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