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January 14, 2014

bookstorepicm3I found myself hoping to receive a good book to read this Christmas, but got something even better, a gift certificate to the charming book store in town, Pearl Street Books.  The store is small, but engaging, warm and delightful.   bookstorepicm4The owner is truly helpful and interested in the books you’ve read and enjoyed and is never too busy to help you find a good book. She also has the best shopping bags I’ve ever seen.bookstorepicm1Honestly, I am a ‘library’ sort of gal.  I enjoy the price and the non-commitment I get from my library books, if I don’t like it, I don’t read it and back it goes.  I do love to give books as gifts, especially children’s books.  Good children’s books are more than ‘just books’, they are the wonder of imagination, artistry and quality time all wrapped up in one.  bookstorepicm2I am also hard-wired to pay the least amount of money for the same product available.  I haven’t spent all that much money at Pearl Street Books, because Amazon is easy.  I like Amazon.  Amazon sends the books where ever I want them to go, but Amazon doesn’t smile, the boxes do not smell good and I do not get to discover new authors by walking through the store or find the funniest cards ever!  I realized while cashing in my gift certificate, how glad I am that there is this charming book store in my town and I had my ‘ah ha moment’.

If you know me at all, you know that my favorite movie is “You’ve Got Mail”.  If you haven’t ever seen this movie (Our Friend the Farmer), well then you should, chic-flick or not.*  In the movie, the children’s book store “Shop Around the Corner” is put out of business, when a big, large chain book store that ‘discounts’ moves into the neighborhood.  Everyone knows the economy is sort of blah…and I do not think that any small business owners go to bed in a pile of money.  So, I am going to do my little part and my new year’s resolution is to buy a book every month from our cute little book store.  This is my unabashed plug for every little ‘Shop Around the Corner’ and I hope you’ll join me and buy a book or two from them as well.

*Yes, I have the movie and yes, you can come over for movie-night and I will be happy to watch it with you….the same cannot be said for most of my family who will not watch “You’ve Got Mail” with me anymore.  Sheesh!

8 responses to “The Shop Around the Corner”

  1. Paige says:

    Love “You’ve Got Mail” too …. Claire (6th grader) and I just watched it over winter break. I had to explain the whole AOL/dial-up modem thing to her …

    ANYWAY, the Pearl Street book store looks like a treasure. I always try and get gifts/books at Once Upon a Time here in Montrose. I like that shop too. However, like you, I am a library gal.

    • Ellen says:

      What fun to watch that together! I was actually worried that we wom’t have a library here, but we do and it is wonderful! I am excited though to be ententional about my book/gift shopping. With the amount you read, Paige you’d be broke if you bought that many books!

  2. Peggy O'Leary says:

    On the subject of books, last Saturday evening I attended a 60th fabulous birthday party & the birthday friend requested the gift of our favorite paperback book to read when she turns 90! Additionally, she asked that the books not be wrapped, didn’t necessarily need to be new and no birthday cards, just sign the inside flap. No one needs another doodad!!!

  3. Miriam says:

    Yes! Every town needs it’s own “little book store”. Yours sounds and looks delightful.

  4. gallion says:

    Surely you make a lovable statement, point of view, I find your input to my liking, it makes you that much more of a fantastic person! dg

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