My Sewing Room In Pictures

November 10, 2017

My sewing room is finally, just that, a reflection of me and a hard-working room.  It really started by removing the book cases (I hated) into the family room.  This move put them where they belong, pulled the family room together and now I LOVE them!Just goes to prove ‘right thing-right place’.

This meant the sewing room needed a fresh coat of paint.  With the help of My Loving Spouse and Sherwin, I got a bright blue.  Honestly, way too bright for me, but I am living with it.  I also nabbed a new hutch for my space.  It all started to come together and I started getting a bit giddy.

My fabulous cutting counter, I could not do without!  The only time there is not a project on it, is when THE Grand kids visit and then we turn it into a changing table.  (Win-win)

I love when those I care about come into to ‘perch’ with me, while I sew.  It is important to have a chair just for them, but truthfully, sometimes it does look like this.Because it is all about me….During the sewing room re-organization, I really drank the organizational kool-aid.  I sewed 6 color coded baskets to store smaller fabric pieces.They fit in this wire storage container.  Although, I got tired of sewing these baskets, I am quite glad I did.  The fabric stays cleaner in this dusty house.  Looking for a bit of fabric is so much easier this way, as is clean up.  I also made  more trash cans.  It is a small room, but having trash cans and scissors at the sewing machine and the ironing chest has made removing stray threads so much simpler and the trash goes into the trash, just like that!

My sewing machine gas pedal, now stays put with a bit of tool box liner from Harbor Freight.  Any piece of rubbery material will probably do.This is a very happy place….

I do not follow many quilt patterns, so I use my design wall all the time.  This Christmas quilt is waiting for my new batting to arrive.My Uncle’s old seaman’s chest stores some of my bigger pieces of fabric, just as it did for my mom.  If you’ve known me a long time, you’ll remember these pictures, they were the first thing most people saw as they stepped into my parents home.

I couldn’t do much without my fabulous Janome.  This teak sewing table is the one thing we will probably replace.  My Loving Spouse and I are dreaming up a bigger sewing table, possibly made out of an old desk, with the sewing machine sitting inserted into the desk.  Stay tuned….

Yes, I am counting them…

  • Diane

    Fabulous room! It definitely reflects you! So glad it is (almost) finished. Can’t wait to come and ‘perch’ while you sew!! If you do come to visit So Cal. I would love to spend a little time with you, too! Remember, my guest room has new paint, a new bed, and new carpet! Would love to have you!!!

    • Wow…the new room, sounds lovely!

      Thank you!

      PS. Your perch awaits.

  • Miriam

    I love your sewing room! And I don’t think the blue wall paint is to dark. Looks just right. I can see this is a very happy and busy room and that you enjoy working in it. And that Christmas quilt is AWESOME!

    • Thanks friend! The blue looks duller in the picture, but that is OKAY! Glad you like the quilt. I do love my sewing!

  • Patricia Petersen

    Dear Ellen,
    It has been over 2 years since I have seen you, and I miss you! I love seeing your life through your blog. Your creativity is mirrored in your sewing room, and it is a thing of beauty to see! Love to you all–ps we are all fine here in So Cal. Come visit us this winter when you need a break from the cold!
    Love always, Pat

    • Oh, sweet friend….
      miss you too!
      How does January look? I have some long weekends, and visiting you would be fabulous!!

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