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December 11, 2014

Last Sunday was the perfect time to sew up some scraps or cook up some scraps depending on which end of the creativity spectrum one falls on.  With the septic system working well, we/I declared an afternoon off to play in my sewing room.  I had some scraps and I wanted to use them.  I also had a side board that needed a table runner and I wanted something bright and fun for Christmas.  I guess I am a real quilter now that I have scraps, wow…I have arrived.  With not enough room on my sewing table, luckily I have a scrap couch handy for laying out the goods.scrapspc1I was sewing random blocks… I love…LOVE random.  I sew scraps together with just a hint of symmetry (white blocks in the middle) and trim them all to 6 inch squares.scrapspc2Meanwhile back in the kitchen My Loving Spouse is whipping up a turkey pot pie with his own creative flare!scrapspc8This would be the final stage of the left overs from Thanksgiving.  After diner My Loving Spouse declared that he was ‘not eating another bite of turkey’, and we were to feed the left overs from the left overs to the pigs.  Luckily, left overs are the pigs favorite meal and so nothing and I mean nothing goes to waste around here.

We then put away our scraps, and drug Team Offspring to church for an around the table carol sing, with cake, small kids dressed as shepherds and kings…and the magic that can be the Christmas season…  I still think these two are pretty darn cute, even when I know that when they are smiling they are often smiling conspiratorially at something only they find funny…usually their mother.scrapspc5It took me a few more days to finish up my scraps…but I finished off my new table runner at quilting and I LOVE it!scrapspc6This is my keeping it ‘real’ picture or shall we say the ‘non-Pinterest’ version with the (I am afraid to say) gun in the corner that My Loving Spouse is waiting on some part for so he can fix it picture.  Yes, folks I’ve come a long way from the suburbs of Los Angeles!

My Ta-Da moment…with my long loved Santas nestled in an old wooden chicken feeder, real greens from the tree (and I have the sap on my hands to prove it).  Broken gun edited out of the picture…and we are ready for our close up…scrapspc3Enjoy your scraps of life this Christmas season!

4 responses to “Scraps of Life”

  1. Dianne says:

    You are amazing and talented! Hope you are having a great Advent Season!

  2. Miriam says:

    LOVE your table runner! So festive. Ya know, that old wooden chicken feeder would cost a pretty penny down here in the suburbs in a boutique shop. Do you hear a business opportunity?

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