School Snow

January 9, 2016

glory farmWe’ve had a bit of snow.  The great thing about snow at the farm is that it hides all the animal poop, so for a while there is the illusion of a clean, white, tidy farm.  It is quite beautiful…until it thaws…then it is a bit ghastly.

There has been a bit of snow at school as well, which is no surprise, as my school is just 3 miles down the snowThe snow changes up stuff at school.  Stuff we never knew about in California schools.  For one, rules get added:

  1.  No throwing snow balls!
  2.  No eating snow!

Except, not all the kids obey these rules, can you imagine?

There is a trail of wet gloves abandoned by kids all over the school.  Getting kindergarteners and First Graders ready to go out to recess takes a LOT more time, as they struggle into and out of hats, coats, gloves and/or snow pants.  The older kids have wised up to the whole snow at recess situation, so they come to school dressed in snow pants and boots.  Outside, they are ready to play…inside…they are just noisy.  Very noisy, 450 children clomping up and down the halls in snow boots like a herd of snowmen, and snow pants?  Swish, swish, swish, every time a child moves they make noise.  If I could invent a quiet snow boot, I’d make a fortune!

When the kids are ‘suppose’ to be sitting quietly, so we can read to them in the library, those snow pants are loud!  I spread the kids out and tell/instruct/boss them to get comfortable and be quiet.  My Mom always said I was bossy, like it was a bad thing…it is finally working for me…as my Christmas gift from My Librarian proves:school signI love my job, and snow, and kids and kids in snow (I don’t even care if they eat it)…but snow boots inside on clomping kids…not so much.

  • Diane

    And My Husband wants me to retire to a place with ice. I think not! I would much rather see your beautiful snowy pictures of the farm from a warmer, dryer vantage point.

  • Miriam

    What a great gift! Only snow we see here is up the Crest…. far up the crest…. which is FINE with me!

    • I do think you are more of a ‘look at snow’, not ‘shovel snow’ kind of gal! You certainly live in the right place….as do I!

  • Joed Glaser

    I love your blog My friend, as you already know! This reminds me of the year I was playground supervisor at Lincoln when we had snow AND ICE from November to April. Oh my! A few students were sent to the hospital but nothing too serious – I think my blood pressure suffered that winter however.

    • Oh, I do hate the ice! The hardest part of my job is getting from the car to the building without slipping!

      Thanks Joed!

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