Rocking It

March 7, 2017

We are rocking it!  Seriously!  In my purge of extraneous brown furniture, I ‘re-homed’ the brown love seats, moved the comfy couch to the living room (where it is looking great) and the family room has nothing left to sit on.

That is not exactly true.  We have a lot of rocking chairs 7 to be exact.  I just moved more of them into the family room for temporary seating.  The couchlessness is not really bothering me much, because I sit in one of the rockers anyway.I asked Team Offspring what they thought about just not getting a new couch.  Mostly, I was just messing with them, and did enjoy their collective moment of panic at the thought of not having a couch to lounge about on.

Sunday evening we all grabbed a rocker and played a round of our favorite card game, Five Crowns.  Five Crowns is a gin-rummy type game with the wild card changing each hand.  Great for all ages Team Offspring learned at an early age to sit to the left of my mother, as she had a habit of discarding the wild card, a famous move we have long dubbed doing a ‘Grammy’.  After beating the family soundly, I went out to feed the animals.  I’m sure you heard the sonic boom, that was me traveling faster than the speed of sound.  I stepped into the barn to feed the horses and the cows, flipped on the light and saw the back-end of a skunk.  I have never been particularly fast, but clearly I never had the proper motivation.  Let me tell you, I was fast last Sunday night.  I was out of that barn so fast, it made the cow’s head spin.  The cows and the horses were not very happy about not getting fed, but I was extremely happy about not getting sprayed and I was doubly happy I had not taken the dog out with me.

Yep, we are rocking it….

and we are blessed.

  • Robert Scott

    Hi Cuz,
    I have this feeling that you maybe a stinker at times anyway.

  • Carole

    Hi Ellen, I am glad you are back! I could feel in your posts that there was something missing in your usual, energetic, ambitious ways of attacking every situation. You are an amazing gal and I admire you so much. Love your new dresser. Springtime is a good time for all of us to re-energize. Thank you for being so open with your thoughts. It helps us all to know it is ok to have our downtimes.

    • Love hearing from you Carole! Spring is a great time to re-energize…now if it would only stop snowing!

  • Miriam

    I can’t wait to see pictures of the new and “re-homed” furniture! I agree with Team Offspring. A couch in the family room is totally necessary.

    • We sat on a few today at the store, but the best one was…..brown. Not ready to go there!

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