by Ellen


The list of items for restoration here in this 1889 year old home are many and the possibilities endless.

  • Hard wood floors to be refinished – done see At The End of our Nails
  • New roof – done
  • Upstairs 3 bedrooms…no bath room… add a bath in process – see Electrical Whoops, Elves at work, Back in the Attic
  • pantry and cool storage room has no foundation and is falling off the building… remove… add mudroom, laundry, craft space
  • update electrical
  • rebuild wood shed – on hold, we’ve fallen in love with the funky crooked old one
  • remove approximately 8 old sheds – 3 down, 5 to go
  • reconstruct hen-house – done
  • paint everywhere – family room, living room, library – done upstairs..see A Couple of Shades of Gray
  • replace trim family room windows – done 5/2013 by Dear John 
  • repair heaters done
  • create temporary craft space  Sewing Studio
  • kitchen trim, cabinets pulls and tile
  • mud room door –
  • paint the house
  • repair workshop
  • replace 3 windows
  • remove and rebuild about a mile of fencing – in process
  • remodel master bath from petite size to grande
  • update plumbing
  • remove dead trees – in process
  • add vegetable garden in progress Vegetable Garden
  • remove dog run – done see – Chain Gang
  • repair barn floor (not a small or a clean job) – done – see Barn Clean Up
  • add dog house – done Red barn Paint
  • Gallons Red Barn paint purchased 

Remember it doesn’t all need to be done at once….

2 responses to “Restoration”

  1. Sheena says:

    Keep up the good work! It would seem things are going okay for you all so far, well done all of you!

  2. Barbara Rodrigues says:

    Liz Avila, my daughter, sent me your blog. What a great idea!
    Love reading about your journey and the house. Way more interesting than La Crescenta these days.

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