Red Barn Paint

May 2, 2012

We’ve bought our first gallon of Red Barn paint.  Our True Value hardware store sells it pre-mixed and ready to go.  This store offers a type of customer service we haven’t gotten use to yet, so we got not only the stir sticks, but the paint can openers free.  I might be easily impressed, but I thought this was pretty cool. I managed to butcher up 5 cans of paint before we left La Crescenta trying to open them with screwdrivers.  Not good for the cans or the screwdrivers to say nothing of my language while I was doing it.

With one old shed down, it was time to salvage around and put one new one up.  True, it is a small building, but a big dog house.  As soon as the dogs get smart enough to go into it, we think they’ll be happy to have it and get out of the wind!  We started with an old wooden box we found in a shed (that is still standing).  The box was 2 ft by 4ft by 1ft  Pat added new posts in the corners and covered it where needed with some salvaged plywood.  We bought new siding to cover it completely, and our budding carpenter (Stephanee) hammered it all in place.  We topped it with tin from a lean too that had met the wrecking ball (son) earlier in the day.  Added red barn paint and it is done!

I know this is just the first of many cans of red barn paint, so I think it will be fun to keep track of how many gallons we use over the years.


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