Puppy Placement

July 1, 2016

At six weeks old, the pups were off to the vet.  puppie basketsThis required one strong laundry basket and one strong son to help me.  Number Two Son and I loaded them up and hauled them in.  Our basket of cuteness turned every head at the vet.puppies basketEach pup was given a thorough check up, shots and pronounced healthy and adorable.  Zoe had fed them well.  Teaching them to eat kibble was no challenge, they are Labrador, born to eat.  We began feeding them out of my Mother’s 12 count muffin tin.  I can only imagine what Mom would have thought about that!  However, this did prevent the more enthusiastic eaters from standing in the middle of the food tray.pups eatingThe Vet declared them fit and able to leave their Mama.  Over the next 2 weeks the new parents delightedly picked up their pups.puppies remi

puppies nancy

puppies moose

puppies tessWhen the last pup left, Zoe and Snickers were bought a new dog bed and large rawhide bones.  I am biased, I think Labs are the best dogs.  I had begun to think of the pups as belonging to their new owners and worried that something might happen to them, so it was actually a relief to have them move to their owners.  There are 8 new happy Lab homes…and I am blessed.

  • Richard Godley

    Awww! The little girl at the end with her puppy – no problems there I can tell…bless…

    • Thank you Richard, she named the puppy, Tess!

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