April 28, 2016

YES!  The puppies are here!  We were completely set to have them last Friday, because…well, My Loving Spouse had already been having our Mama Zoe sleep in our bedroom ‘just in case’ or ‘because I think it will be tonight’ for a week already.  We were sure it would be over the weekend, because after all…her due date was Sunday 4-24-16.puppies lulu

(First pup, only yellow female…her owner has already named her Lulu).

‘Dogs in early labor nest by digging.’  So, by Sunday afternoon I was telling our dog to go dig up the yard.  However, she had no interest in anything other than laying about on a soft cushion…which I could not really blame her, as she was a large stomached dog.

Some of us started to lose faith in My Loving Spouse’s due date prediction and did our own research, whereby we redefined her due date as April 27, 2016.puppies birthingBy April 26, 2016 we thought she was ‘on it’, so we encouraged Team Offspring into Puppy Watch Duty, as I had to work and My Loving Spouse was working (Out of town, which is our new ‘normal’).  Between Number Two Son and My Girl, someone was home all day to be on duty…except…nothing happened.  By 10:30p.m. My Loving Spouse was home, we were in our PJ’s and settled in, when Zoe birthed the first pup in our bedroom, which I do not actually recommend.  I must say, I am very grateful that she waited until My Loving Spouse got home, as I was happy to let him take the lead as Chief Puppy Mid-wife.  We quickly moved Mama Zoe and the pup into the pantry, where we had the whelping box ready…as number 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 were born over the next 2 hours.puppies bundleNumber Two came home to catch Mother Nature in action.  Even The Damn Cat strolled in to see what all the fuss was about.puppies catAround 1:00 a.m bleary-eyed, My Loving Spouse declared we should go to bed and he’d check on them occasionally over the night.  Early morning had us up counting little pups…the total was 8.  4 female, 4 male.  3 Yellow Labs, 5 Black and each one as cute as another.  We are all smitten…puppies kidsZoe is a fabulous Mama, as I was sure she’d be.puppies mamaThe pups are stretching, and growing in just their 24 hours.  Puppy love abounds!puppiesOh, yes…I am blessed.

  • Christa Peitzman

    Oh my gosh! 8 puppies…nothing better! Congratulations! Please keep us updated with photos!
    Glad to hear Zoe and pups are all well! xxoo

    • Thanks Christa and she is such a great Mama!!! Cuteness increases by the day!

  • Richard Godley

    Wonderful – even that cat thinks so!

  • madeleine

    the absolute best! congrats to Zoe and all of you! enjoy xoxo

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