Puppies and Kids

May 1, 2016

puppieskids whiteblackWorking at a school makes one sort of famous in the school children’s eyes.  Working at the school and having puppies???  I have practically been elevated to ‘Royalty’.  It does help, that I’ll tell any class I enter, that I have “PUPPIES”  and would they like to see the pictures?  I was teaching first graders last week.  I set them up in a circle, then went around the circle with the pup’s picture.  It was like ‘the wave’, with the sweet 6-year-old “Ohhhhs and Ahhhs” going round as they gazed on the puppies.

Getting to see the puppies in real life?  Well, as Gomer Pyle used to say…’Shazam!”

puppieskids AedonKids and puppies, especially tiny ones…are sweetness beyond measure.  I ran into town to support some of My Kids (school kids) in a fundraiser.  It was there that I ran into one of the first graders.  He said,

‘I sure do hope I get to see your puppies, Miss Ellen!”

So I told him, that if it was okay with his Mom, they could all come over, when they were done.  Before you know it, I had 5 of My Kids pulling into Glory Farm, convinced that they were the luckiest kids from our school…remember…‘Royalty’.  It is pretty darn fun to make kids so happy, so easily.   They bounded out of the car…jumped on the swings, full of energy and delight.

I brought them into the puppies a few at a time to keep from stressing Mama Zoe out, but after she had a good sniff of them, all was well.  I started handing puppies out.puppieskids cannon

‘Can I take your picture?’ I asked the littlest one.

“Yes, and then the next time my class comes to the library, you can show my class that I was the first one to see your puppies!”puppieskids
Kids of all sizes were brought by to visit and love on our round, tiny balls of fur.puppieskids alisha

Puppies and kids….is there nothing better…

Then my phone went ‘ping’ and ‘ping’.  Texts almost right on one another, from my kids, my pups with two legs.

Number Two Son, “I got cast in the show!”

My Girl, “I broke my arm.”

One got cast and one in a cast…situation…normal.

Puppies and kids, keeping me on my toes!

  • Miriam

    LOVE these puppy pics! What lucky kids to get to see them. Sorry for The Girl’s broken arm. Hope it heals quickly. Congrats to Number Two Son on being cast in the show! Is it a musical, perchance? I still remember him in a show at the highschool. He was in the chorus and I couldn’t stop watching him. Such energy and joy and good dancing and singing! He stood out from the crowd in a big way!

    • Thank you!!! Yes, he is going to be the Chef in Little Mermaid, so it will be very FUN!

      • Miriam

        What a great part for him!!! I’m sure he will be a hit!

        • Thank you! I agree and cannot wait to see him in action! The theater is a bit like Glendale Centre Theater…small and in the round. It should be fun!

  • Dianne

    … and you are blessed!

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