Prime Team X

August 17, 2015

I imagine you dear readers might be tired of hearing about our painting the house, and all I can say is…so am I.  It could be a bit like hearing about someone running a marathon and they are telling you about each sweat drop and ankle strain…except…something really cool happened.  The X Team arrived.  Seriously!painting helpersThese sweet gals said, “We saw it in your eyes…you are beat…and so we came to help.”

I am blessed.  They sanded, cleaned and ripped off the porch spindles…and made progress and lifted my spirits!

Then Number Four Son texted…

“Do you need any help today?”  (I mean seriously, can you see why we claim this one!)  He showed up with his girlfriend and they both set to work.  (Yes, she’s a keeper!)painting helpWe soon declared that there was an extra point earned in the Croquet Season Tournament for anyone who didn’t life here that was helping.  (That might not sound like much, but then you’d not understand our seriousness about Croquet).

With the help of the X Team, we were able to break out the secret weapon…Sherwin William’s Primer X (and no this is not a paid advertisement…oh, be still my heart, how I wish it was!)  My goal with painting the house was two-fold…

1.  Make the house look beautiful.

2. Never, never, never EVER…do it again!

Old paint peals.  Often old paint peals and breaks through the new paint.  This old house had a lot of old pealing paint, which I have scraped to death.  Primer X, I have been told seals the old paint up, like glue and then hardens.  Out came my ten gallons of Primer X.  We were going to cover the house in it.  It truly is like painting with glue, and I must say it is the weirdest stuff.  It goes on blue and then dries clear.  The drying clear is both good and bad.  Good it doesn’t matter where it goes, but it doesn’t cover brown wood.  My Loving Spouse realizes that we need to paint the brown wood white or the final paint job will be splotchy.

Ugh! One more step…  So yesterday morning I set out to Fred Myer for the following emergency supplies:

1. Creamer for the coffee (one cup was certainly NOT going to do it)

2. White paint

3.  Chocolate

painting suppliesWe got after the great Primer X-this-stuff-better-work-paint-a-ton.  My Loving Spouse climbed to the peaks of the house on the wobbly ladder.  I stood on the bottom rung to keep the ladder from moving…hmmm…and he gives one last bit of advice as he heads up.

“If I fall off, get out of the way…don’t try to catch me…”

Yep…that’d not be pretty.painting highMy Loving Spouse has said for years,

“We are a formidable team”… I think he is right.

We got the house primed and it is finally ready to paint…painting roof

I know, I am blessed…

Please pass the Advil.


4 responses to “Prime Team X”

  1. Diane says:

    God bless Team X!!!

  2. Miriam says:

    woohoo!!!!! You have wonderful friends/family to come and help you. Congrats on getting it ready to paint!!

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