Plan B

October 16, 2014

Unfortunately it would seem that despite the wonders of modern science, our recent efforts to get Agnes bred did not work.  How would we know?  Well, one cycle after ‘the fact’, we had a large bellowing black cow on our hands calling out to the bull down the street.  She bellowed for 24 hours…loudly and often, as if to say…”Hey, there Big Boy (wink, wink) want to play?”

Number Two Son stated,  “Mom, I think there is something wrong with Agnes.”

My Girl who was trying to sleep through it all, just sent me a text.memoAgnes is not a milk cow.  Her job is to produce cute little Black Angus calves.  We needed a new plan, which is why we had all three cattle in the corral the other night trying to load one very large black cow, one medium-sized black steer into our stock trailer as they and we ran in circles around one three-legged black heifer who managed to always be in the way.  It didn’t help, that the hose pipe had sprung a leak the night before and we were often moving through 4-6 inches of mud.  Yep, we are rookies.  Next time we will use a loading shoot, but eventually, we did get the pair loaded up.

Agnes had a date, well, truly it is more like a slumber party.  She was going to spend a week with Justin Case, Our Friend the Farmer’s small bull.  When I was making the phone calls to arrange the ‘slumber party’, I felt a bit like a pimp, but I guess most Ranchers do not refer to the process as “Hey, does your bull want some action?”

We are hopping that they get along really well! As Bob is too little to be weaned, he had to go with Mama as well, so now, just Elsie is home missing her friends and…. bellowing.

  • Dawn Ellis

    Oh Ellen… make me laugh so often. I am sitting at my desk laughing out loud. I’m sure people think I’m a little nutty. I so enjoy your wonderful stories. As always, thank you very much and please keep us posted, Justin Case….I wouldn’t want to miss anything.

    • Ellen

      You got it my friend.

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