The Places You’ll Go

November 2, 2014

“Oh, the places you’ll go”… so said, a wise writer…Dr. Seuss.

Who knew when we moved here  to this small town in the Pacific Northwest,

how this journey we’d begun…

for many reasons…

but the timing tied to My Girl and the attempt to give her a better life

how some of the options would come about…



Challenging, blessing and…growth…for us all.

My Girl has been accepted by YWAM

(Youth With A Mission)

Hong Kong for 5 months

…a mission trip beyond what I can even begin to comprehend.

Emotions are running the gamut…

Excitement, fear, apprehension, anticipation, wonder…

It is a long time and far away….

She and we will grow from it…

Two months for the final planning,

..she’ll leave in January 2015

Who knew…

‘Oh, the places you’ll go…’

16 responses to “The Places You’ll Go”

  1. Kathy says:

    That’s wonderful!! Indeed, we never know where life will take us.

  2. Kathleen Mendez says:

    That is truly amazing. God is so mysterious, wondrous and leads us to be a part of his Upper Story while we stumble around in the Lower Story. Your family has followed the nudging (sometimes pushing and pulling) of the Holy Spirit. I am so happy. Your Girl will experience something truly amazing on her mission. God bless you all!

    • Ellen says:

      As one who knows her history and helped her learn to learn, you know how large this truly is for her… God is amazing.

  3. Susan Cross Stanley says:

    Oh, I know about those mixed emotions! Melissa spent her first semester senior year going to college in Japan; and then spent her first year after graduation working in Japan as an ESL teacher. I remember seeing her off at the airport, trying not to cry because this was, after all, going to be a fabulous experience for her and I didn’t want her to worry about me, etc., etc. Skype is a Godsend!!!

  4. Kathy Johnson says:

    Very exciting news! I remember both of you talking about it when our group was visiting. Congratulations!

  5. Heather Flatley says:

    YES! Congrats!! Ellen, my friend Nita, who you met when she visited me in LC in high school, she lived in Hong Kong for many years. I know that if you have any questions about anything I can ask for you, or I can put you in touch with her. Let me know.

  6. Miriam says:

    Congrats to her! I totally hear you, Ellen, about mixed emotions. It is far away, but she will be with a group of other youth and they will be her “family-away-from-home” for the duration. She will have incredible stories when she returns. Carpe Diem!

  7. Glenda says:

    Congrats! What a wonderful experience. They chose well when selecting you.

  8. Don and Shelba says:

    Wow! She must be excited and frightened at the same time. Be smart, Be Safe and God Bless!!

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