Pig Procuring

April 24, 2015

My Loving Spouse is ready for more pigs.  Piglets as it were, which meant…cleaning out the pig pen.  He’s been ready to do this cleaning out for a while now and wouldn’t you know it, it is a two person job.

‘Do you want to clean out the pig pen when I get home?’

“No.”  (In case you are wondering, ‘no’ is a complete sentence.)

‘Why not?’, he inquired as if I were the crazy one.

“It is windy.”

It is one thing to dig around in pig poop, and quite another to have it blown in your face.  I held firm, until this weekend, when it was actually very nice, beautiful, non-windy weather.

‘I want us to clean out the pig pen.’

“Uhmmm….ok.”   (The things one must do for our spouses and for really, really good bacon).

My Loving Spouse was the loader, pig poop scooper.pig loaderLucy the red hen and her chicks were the supervisors.pig chicks…and I was on the front line…the pig poop pusher-scrape-it-off-the-sides-of-the-sty-worker.  (The smell reminiscent of my childhood, when one of the neighbors’ cess-pools over flowed and my parents were secretly gleeful, that it wasn’t theirs.)

Now if you ever over hear ‘some one’ say,

“Well, that is just a load of sh*t”, you now know what it looks like.pig poopWith the pig yard cleaned up, we’re ready to procure.  Pig shopping is done on-line and Craig’s list is the pig procuring hot spot.  Piglets are currently not abundant, so in order to actually procure any piglets, we have to be willing to drive all around the state.  Searching on-line for anything, often leads to some interesting discoveries.  The closer we search to the city, the more often we find people selling piglets that look like this…piglet2



When of course what we want is something more like this…pigpc2Whenever there is something that we need/want, where the demand is high and the price is high, My Loving Spouse starts thinking…‘maybe I am in the wrong business’…and he starts researching.  As we know, you can find out almost anything on the internet, which is why this morning I have already over heard how easily one can castrate a pig.pigpc3

Piglets are not the only ones to play in their bowls, so in our search, extra consideration is given to locations, that might not only be a good price, but are in the neighborhood of THE Grandson…our favorite little trough wallow-er.J boy

  • judyvickdahlson

    Can’t wait to meet the three newest bacon boys! And won’t forget my pair of boots for shoveling pig **#@%# !!

    • They are pretty funny! Not as much mud here as last time, but still plenty of poop! Cannot wait to have you!

  • Diane

    Ooooh! THE Grand is soo cute! The little chicks are cute, too.

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