Pig Pick Up

April 27, 2015

We spent our Sunday picking up piglets.  We were excited because we found piglets for a very good price near THE Grandson, so we got to see, snuggle, read to and enjoy the little cutie-pie a bit in the afternoon.  We even got to show him the new piglets.back seatCan you see what is wrong with this picture?  Go ahead, take another look…  Yes, that is right, the dog crate/pig carrier is in the back seat of the cab, not in the bed of the truck where pigs should normally ride!  Our great price on the piglets came with a small cost, as most great prices do.  The piglets were little, only 5 weeks and My Loving Spouse was afraid that they’d get too cold, if they traveled 3 hours in the bed of the truck, so they traveled inside with us.  The ride started out a tad smelly and moved on to down right stinky!  Opening the windows only helped to blow the stench more in our faces, or so it seemed.  Did you know, that piglets do not actually like to be confined to a dog carrier…for 3 hours!  They slept a little bit, but they were also noisy, which moved into downright loud, as they became more and more anxious about being confined.  The last 15 minutes were just plain ugly.  They were squealing and thrashing about to the point My Loving Spouse was concerned that they were fighting, asking me tensely to check on them, which is pretty hard to do, when they are directly behind you and I do not exactly speak pig, so they did not understand when I tried to tell them, that ‘Yes, we were almost there’.  Their trashing about even managed to spray a bit of the pig poop around the cab of the truck and all I can say, is that this adds a whole new meaning to the phrase, ‘bringing home the bacon’.

Eventually, we made it home!  My Girl came out to help and pretty soon we had the piglets roaming around their new sty.  Since My Girl is a vegan, she is sure that the pigs like her best.laura piglets

They are also all boys/boars and without even discussing it, My Loving Spouse and I came up with the same names for them…Manny, Moe and Jack.piglets

The Pig Boys are intact or entire or some such word that means…they still have their little boy balls.  All I can say is, stay tuned for the great piglet castration!

  • Joed Glaser

    Oh, my – this is too cute! As I’ve said many times before – I love your blogs Ellen! Can’t wait to read more piglet adventures 🙂 And of course I need to meet Manny, Moe and Jack . . . maybe Levi and Maddie need to meet them too?

    • I am glad you like/love it! It does mean a lot to me! Levi and Maddie NEED to meet them…before they get ugly, which will take a little while. However, Manny is a peculiar looking pig…just saying.
      Love to have you all for a visit to the farm!

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