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June 8, 2015

Manny, Moe and Jack are very tidy pigs.  They all poop in only one spot of their yard, imagine if I could get everybody to do that!  I think the best salesman ever was the guy that started selling manure.

Our pigs eat very good food.  Their preference?  Pancakes, omelets and the occasional slice of bacon (no, they do not know where it comes from).  Our friend owns a restaurant and the plates scraps are deposited into pig buckets, which we pick up nightly.  Win-win and what do our boys have to say about this…more pancakes please.

pancake pig


The chickens hang out around the pigs at feeding time as well…running into snatch a bit of pancake, french fry or omelet, what can I say they are all a bunch of cannibals.

With hot temperatures upon us, we need to fill the pigs water multiple times a day both in and out of their water trough.  muddy pigsIt is not the first time I’ve enjoyed seeing others play in the mud.mud 2

  • Diane

    Those pigs are growing quickly!

    • They are and they still need to be fixed! That is going to be quite the rodeo!

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