Our Yellow Farm House

September 2, 2015

Today the sky was blue, the clouds puffy and high and the weather was just delightful.  As I washed the white rail fence, I thought…it is time to share our home.  It is like me.  In other words it is ‘perfectly imperfect’, as some railings are still needing to be installed.  It is however, a beautiful transformation.  The results are what I thought they could be, and yet, I am still in awe of what hard work can do.yellow farm house  From where we began…our ‘before’…yellow before white houseIt is the result of many hours of work…doing something that I did not know I could do…yellow up on the roofHelped by friends when I needed them most…yellow friendAs they embraced the change with excitement and enthusiasm…yellow friendsFrom high and low……and a lot of time on ladders…yellow roof top painterWe had a vision, but still are stunned at the result. We actually changed very little…White trim stayed white…black windows stayed black…a small black ‘eye brow’ was added to each window….yellow farm house bay window…and then we added yellow.yellow farm home  ‘Butter Up’…a historical yellow…gives the innate beauty of this home a proper stage to show it off.yellow farm house kitchen porch…I cannot believe we did it…yellow doors…and we are blessed.

  • Glenda

    It looks amazing. I was beginning to worry for you that winter would come before you could finish. A Huge job well done.

    • Thank you Glenda!
      I was trying to get it done before going back to school! I did little else, but I hope to make up for that! Thanks again!

  • The Skinny Cousin

    It’s wonderful and charming! I love the yellow. I can only imagine how happy you are to have it looking to cheerful.

    • Thank you Skinny One.
      I know you were voting for white with green shutters, but this is best for me and yes, I am so happy it is done.

      Not nearly as happy as getting the news that your cancer numbers were better! Wooohooo!

  • Miriam

    Wow! What a delightful yellow. The white and black makes it pop. My fave pix is the red rocking chair against the yellow house. Poetic! Now sit back in that there rocker and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

    • Thank you Mims,
      A bit of rest and relaxation is definitely required!

  • Diane

    I had no idea what color you would choose…Wow! I LOVE it! You worked so hard, you had to be rewarded with spectacular! I LOVE it! Now you can relax and enjoy the rodeo!!!

    • Thank you!
      Yes, it is Rodeo weekend and then back to work. It feels like fall in the air…my favorite time of year.

  • Richard Godley

    It looks really lovely Ellen – congrats on all the hard work! How’s Pat?

    • Thank you Richard,
      Pat is finally getting better. Bad leg infection….lots of antibiotics, but seems to be on the mend.

  • Joed Glaser

    IT IS BEAUTIFUL!!!! All your hard work has paid off 🙂 Can’t wait to see it in person!

    • Thank you Joed! Appreciated your help with the Victorian look….come by soon!

  • Christa Peitzman

    There is so much new life in that great old house. You should be tickled pink with your fabulous yellow farmhouse!!!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE. Job well done!!!!

    • Thank you so very much my friend! Tickled pink…I am sort of in shock, that we got it done!

  • Lorie Ames

    Oh my gosh..it is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!

    • Thank you Lorie! Cannot believe I did it! Thank God for the help I got!

  • Sallee Conn

    Beautiful!!!! Kudos for a difficult job well done.

  • John

    I was expecting white, but I love the yellow!

    • Now Dear John, you of all people…I thought would have expected some kind of color! Thank you!

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