Our First Fall

September 25, 2012

The teen and I are used to summer lasting for at least 6 months, so our 3 months of summer here felt like a blink of an eye.  I have sandals I haven’t even worn yet.  Our beautiful weeping elm is starting to drop small yellow leaves and I can’t help but wonder… isn’t this sort of early?  The calendar and the climate, however says that Fall has started, so all I can think is… here we go!

Number One son has lived in the snow for 6 years now, and is a bit concerned with our adjustment.  He gently offers me information on getting ready for winter.  “Mom, you’ll need to blow out your sprinklers so they don’t crack.”  I’m afraid my ‘learning new things’ category is filled to over flowing so I answered in the manner of the teen boys we had this summer with a mumbled, “Hun?  What?”

My Loving Spouse who has lived in lots of snow is on the ‘Winter is coming’ band wagon as well.  Yesterday was spent getting a pair of chains fashioned for Jubal (our tractor) as Jubal is slated to plow our driveway.  My Loving Spouse assured me that the cussing and cursing that went on over the chain fitting was nothing compared to what would have happened had he procrastinated on this job until November.  I also heard him mention how we need to put up the storm windows and do something about the dogs being outside.  I’m guessing that the electric dog water warming bowl I saw at the store was not actually a gag gift.  The country magazine he bought me also has advise for this change in season and reminds us to bang on our car hood before starting the car as cats like to sleep where it is warm and might climb into your engine.  Really?  Probably the only thing worse than all these barn cats would be greased and fried barn cats.

Fall to me before just meant football and bulb planting, luckily some things never change.  I’ve been a bit overwhelmed at the size of our garden here and the fact that I have so much new gardening info to learn.  However, planting bulbs is a favored Fall activity, there is nothing like seeing those blooms come up in the spring.  The 80 bulbs I put in yesterday just seems like a drop in the bucket.  I think I need more bulbs.

Anybody down South need some sandals?

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