Our Busy Season

December 10, 2016

The last 6-8 weeks have been our ‘busy season’.  This is what I tell myself.  It helps me to make sense of our reality, that while some of you on this second weekend in December, have Christmas trees and Christmas lights, we have pumpkins on the porch covered in snow.

We’ve been sewing and sawing and creating.Making clocks out of packer wheels, art from old windows, gift baskets from old fabric and nativities from old wood.Pillows, quilts and bunting…We had the second annual Homespun Holiday Bazaar here the Saturday after Thanksgiving.With the house filled with friends selling their creations, the day was a resounding success!  It is such a powerful affirmation, that people not only like what you’ve created, but that they purchase your creations.    My Loving Spouse and I were practically sold out.

We needed to get busy (again) to make our commitment to the Cave B winery, where we had agreed to be a vendor at their Holiday Bazaar.

So the sewing room, got messy…er, messier.   Our kitchen table got full…As we worked toward creating…and re-creating….Sewing more pillows, truck quilts and wine bags…

Our booth is hard to see…because of the glare…from the snow!It is always a good news, bad news situation with bazaar’s at wineries.  The good news is that the guests might drink a bit and buy a lot…or they might drink a bit and buy nothing, because they are busy buying wine, and really who can blame them, even when there is a really fabulous Christmas truck quilt, that they could be buying since they had admired it so.

The day was not actually what we’d hoped, or maybe we ‘over imagined’ our potential.  In other words, it was not heavy on sales, we are sort of ahead now for next year.  My Girl and I did have a fun day together and when you are at a winery, eventually someone gives you some wine, because…that is just what they do!

We are officially creatively pooped.

Maybe tomorrow, I’ll do something about those pumpkins.

  • Diane

    I love the truck quilt and the pillows with the truck squares! Of course, the walnut nativity is a very special piece! The banners with the moose looking sideways are especially cute. I agree with Dianne-an online Holiday Bazaar!

    • Thanks friend! Hope you are enjoying your nativity. Maybe next year we’ll do a sneak peak opportunity!

  • Stacy W. McDaniel

    Love how creative you and Pat are! I especially loved the black walnut Nativity scene! Any more of them you want to sell?!

    • Thank you so much, Stacy! That black walnut is amazing wood. Love to get you one, but alas, they are all gone. Merry Christmas to you and Jim!

      • Stacy W. McDaniel

        We are wishing all of your the merriest of Christmas seasons! Love & hugs, Stacy

  • Dianne

    Hmmmm … Maybe an online Holiday Bizarre for those if us who can’t be there??

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