Old Window Art

November 6, 2015

When I saw the window in the bathtub this morning, I knew the word that it needed.  The window was in the bathtub, because My Loving Spouse wanted to take a shower.  The old window had been in the shower, as I had been trying to clean the dust, dirt and grime off of it.  I needed to clean it before I could paint on it.  I wasn’t sure of the right word for it until this morning.

I felt a little bit like Charlotte in Charlotte’s Web.  (Co-indecently one of the reading groups that I work with at school is reading Charlotte’s Web, and if you haven’t read it, you should.)  Coming up with the right word is important.  I was not going to write ‘Some Pig’, which again is a Charlotte’s Web reference.

I was sure the first window I was working on was going to be ‘Joy’.  However, somewhere along the way, ‘Joy’ turned into ‘Hope’.  ‘Hope’ is pretty darn important and I love the final look.hopeThese windows will be available for sale when we hold the Home Spun Holiday Boutique here with a few neighbors.  The great part is I love these windows, so if nobody buys them…then I will enjoy them…not only for their rustic charm, but for their lifelong meaning.graceI am having so much fun!

6 responses to “Old Window Art”

  1. Lori Matthews StJohn says:

    I love the font you chose for both windows. I also loved Charlotte’s Web when we read it in a reading group a few years ago.

  2. Sallee says:

    Since I won’t be there for the Homespun Holiday boutique, how much for the Grace window?

  3. Miriam says:

    Very pretty! I see you’re getting your creative side on.

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