Number Two

April 19, 2013

2012-11-04 13.11.24Number Two Son is coming home!  His family is delighted!  His older brother is almost giddy with excitement thinking of the fun he knows they will have together.  (Number One Son still cannot quite believe that we live in a place where I actually ask him to burn stuff up and shoot nasty pigeons.)  My Loving Spouse cannot wait to hear our piano playing again.  The Teen plans for them to start an Improv group together and his mother…. just happy down to the tips of my muddy boots.


2012-12-24 10.29.00Number Two was at a ‘Cinderella’ school on the East coast.  He was singing, writing plays, acting in plays and finishing up his sophomore year.  Life was good until the school actually turned into the ‘ugly step-sister’ school, by doubling his tuition, whereby he said… “I don’t think so…”  He has been in Brooklyn since, working, paying his own bills, feeding himself and figuring out what he should do next.  We are proud of the way he has handled this set back.

One of our rooms upstairs is his room.  It was important to us that he felt he had a ‘home’.  I reminded him often that, “Home is where your mother is” (and I even saw it on a sign, so I know it is true).  He has visited, but not lived here until now…  There is an old black lab that will be very happy to have his boy home, the horses will get ridden more, there will be fewer eggs to share with others, there will be more singing in the house and more hugs.  I have done my best to be supportive, encouraging and occasionally patient while he was figuring out his next move.  I am excited to see what God has in store for him next and that at least for a time it includes Glory Farm.


  • Diane Brown

    Wonderful news! Enjoy!!!

  • Miriam

    Hooray! Hug him everyday!

  • Sandy Ravana

    And this will make your mothers heart sing!

  • Wonderful!

  • Christap

    Hooray that you all get to share in living the life of Riley! xoxo

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