Normal Holiday Preparations

November 22, 2014

We had a light snow yesterday, so our morning view was white and beautiful as if to say…get ready the holidays are coming.novpcIn a matter of days we will have quite a few members of Team Offspring here for Thanksgiving, along with a few of their friends and THE Grandson.

I am in charge of the feast because:

a.  My Loving Spouse (the Brit) has weird ideas about Thanksgiving diner

b.  Number One Son and My Loving Spouse are going duck hunting that morning.  They will ‘go’ all the way behind the farm for a long walk.  Okay, it is a long walk with guns, so that makes it hunting!  I am still not use to the fact that they (the hunters) can go hunting without really going anywhere.  I reminded My Son to buy his bullets, and was informed that they are not bullets they are shells.  The fact that I am uttering any advice over buying any type of bullets-shells-hunting stuff is just…really, really weird.

We endured the crowds at Costco where we bought a huge turkey!  We headed over to Lowe’s, where there were surprisingly few people (because they were all at Costco)…to buy a brand new fancy shovel (because there will be some digging), and new septic drain pipes.  Woo Hoo, oh, be still my heart!nov1pcOh, yes…the septic system…guaranteed to make more memories.

  • Miriam

    You really know how to celebrate, Ellen! I would never have thought to include working on a septic system during Thanksgiving. Have fun?

    • Ellen

      I know! We set the bar pretty high!

  • I love the way you make sure there is some ‘entertainment’ for all the offspring. While most families serve football with dessert, sounds like you’re planning to serve trenching. Good for you!

    • Ellen

      We’ve even told THE Grandson he’ll need to wear some disposable diapers…no laundry being done here!

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