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January 9, 2014

Somewhere on the ‘master list’ of replacements, upgrades and plain old fixes was the issue of lights.  Some rooms did not have any lights, some had lights hung in odd spots and some lights were just…. well, let’s just say, that we did not care for them.  It would be nice to say, that we’ve been working on a light replacement ‘plan’, but in true life Glory Farm fashion that is not exactly how things come about.

Number Two Son has taken out 4 lights.  He is our light ‘taking out’ expert.  Last winter he crashed into an oddly hung light, breaking the globe.

“Well, that is okay…it was hung in a strange spot.”

This summer he greeted me at the door one day,

“Mom, I’ve got some good news and some bad news….  Bad news – I just took out two light globes in the Family room, good news – I did it spending time with my sister, playing “Just Dance”, it was an awesome dance move…I got both of them… sorry.”

“Well, that is okay…we didn’t like that light anyway.”

familyroompicmWe sort of liked it even less, hanging at a tilt with only three globes….

In late summer the farm flies were bad and another light globe in his room went when he was after them, then My Loving Spouse got in the action and took out the light globe in our bathroom as well one morning as he ‘over stretched’ or something.  The Damn Cat was not to be outdone, as she knocked over an antique oil lamp and broke that globe as well!  So…if you visit and you wonder why we have bare bulbs in some areas… we just cannot keep up.

Our family room is almost DONE!  What a process and what help we’ve had along the way.  Here is our ‘before’ with the listing Realtor’s picture while our home was on the market…


We are making headway!  No more carpet, new wood trim, French doors, paint, Dear John’s contribution and hard work rebuilding the windows, Number Two taking out the lighting, so we could get the ceiling fan My Loving Spouse really wanted and my sewing machine with which I made our new drapes (which was an intimidating project and not nearly as fun as quilting, but I did it).




We love it.  It is a warm and cozy room with the right period details in keeping with our 1889 home.  My ‘ta da’ moment and ‘after’ pictures are lacking the flare one would get, if this were say… a magazine or a blog by a photographer or one of those Pinterest super mom’s who set up everything perfectly, who I am sure never have mess, never raise their voice, do not have multiple animals or children and never take out lights in the manner we’re perfecting…called ‘real life’.


Yep, this is real life, our real life and we’re delighted you are sharing our journey with us.  To really experience this wonderful room, you are invited to come and enjoy a cozy evening here…

but, bring your slippers the floor is still a tad chilly, as I haven’t finished making the rug yet…


  • Sandy Ravana

    It is lovely Ellen, and I wish you many wonderful, warm fun & funny times with your family there.
    I also love Pinterest, but at my house we live the REAL LIFE too!
    It is my goal to one day be able to visit you & Glory Farm.
    Love & Blessings,

    • Ellen

      Thank you Sandy, I too love Pinterest, but it is mostly not my real life. Look forward to showing it all to you someday!

  • The room is lovely as your whole house is.

    • Ellen

      Thank you, Doris!

  • Shelba and Donald Jensen

    Ellen, you guys should be very proud of yourselves! It looks wonderful!

    • Ellen

      Thanks so much, we are enjoying it!

  • Rob (the “Seattle” cousin)

    Hi Ellen,
    I just wanted to offer my services for helping you break errr? remove! any more light fixtures you still don’t like/want (no guarantees on what I might break ounce I got started). Since I am a little older than you, I do have more experience at it.
    Just wanted to let you know how much I like your sharing your new? home with us all!!!
    Love, Rob

    • Ellen

      Thanks cousin. To bad you are not here this weekend excitment will be using tractors to pull the stuck bus from the mud!

  • Diane Brown

    The room looks fantastic. I love the drapes!

    • Ellen

      Thank you, those were so intimidating…the fabric cost so much!

  • Richard

    Great Job! Looks really nice…

    • Ellen

      Thank you so much Richard!

  • Miriam

    Looks very cozy! and totally like the ceiling fan. You’ve come a long way, baby! (Cue old cigarette commercial music….)

    • Ellen

      I hear the music! Thanks Mims!

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