New life for a teen

April 12, 2012

There were so many elements to this move, that they could only be orchestrated by a loving God.  Giving our Laura, a Jr. in high school, a fresh start in a slower environment was a major component.   She has had a long road…

Restarting high school in a new town, new environment, new everything was at times overwhelming.  I have to praise God for how well she has done and am so grateful for the prayers that preceded her that she would have a friend.   Today is her 4th day of school and she has a group of friends.  She’s been to the lake with them, been asked out to lunch, shared clothes (a girl thing), and has plans for the weekend!

The movers left late yesterday and her new ‘group’ came over to the house.  To hear their chatter and laughter just made us beam.  We are so grateful.  Her ‘group’ wants to help her fix up her room (thank you Lord) and thinks that the hay loft in the barn would make a great place to have a Halloween party.

Laura is feeling the comfort from being included and for that we are so grateful.

  • Carole K.

    Hi Ellen, I am so happy that someone talked you into doing a blog. You are a wonderful writer and you always keep me laughing. You and Pat are so amazing how you jump right in and get the remodeling done with all the right touches. I am so happy to hear that Laura met new friends so quickly. Can’t wait to get your daily posts. Carole K.

  • Leslie Wizan

    I’m in tears here, Ellen. I can’t tell you how I love reading your blog, and this post about Laura was just wonderful! I could feel her joy! And being included and making friends, well, there’s nothing better. Gotta love those girls! I hope they’re friends for life.

  • Christa P

    God is good! So glad to hear about the giggling group of girls!!!!

  • pat camp

    Yippee!!!! At last a joyful experience for Laura–being included is the most wonderful feeling!
    New Life indeed. Please give her a hug for me–I am so so so happy that things are working out for her, and so quickly. Looks like your instincts were exactly right–a small town and a new start can be the best therapy for a lonesome soul.

    Juana is here–we talked about how much we both love/miss you. I gave her your blog address so she can follow you, too.

    Love to Pat!

  • Diane Brown

    Could you have dreamed this any better!?! Jeremiah 29:11 comes to mind. I thank God for preparing the way!

    • Ellen

      Amen! No… we knew we were doing what we felt lead to do… but to see the results so quickly is amazing. Only God!

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