New Digs for the Old Boys

December 5, 2016

We’ve spent plenty of time upgrading, restoring and cleaning our wonderful old barn.  My Loving Spouse has now added new function for the old space and our two old boys are very happy about the upgrade.stableOur horses are not young, sort of like us and winter can be hard on them.  Unlike us, they can easily loose weight in the cold winter months.  My Loving Spouse wanted to bring them in each night, so he set about making stalls for each horse.stable-1He managed to find lumber that matched the style of the barn and built the new stalls out of beautiful long planks.  He used EMT to create see through spaces for each horse.  Beau and SunDance can see each other, but not bite each other, which can be known to happen.stable-3He moved a bit of wiring, built a few doors, made mangers, added some straw and before I knew it, our horses were ready to spend the night indoors.stable-2The horses quickly got the hang of their new routine.  We fill their mangers at night in each stall, open the barn door and stand back as each horse makes their way to their new bedroom.  We can keep a better eye on each horse through out the winter, knowing exactly how much they are getting to eat and that each one can eat at their own pace.stable-4The barn looks so good and the horses are quite content with the new arrangement.

Beau and SunDance…every nag should be so happy.

  • Diane

    That wood is beautiful. Love the grain. So glad you have happy horses!

    • Thanks, Diane. Those horses are SO happy, ready to go to bed at about 3:30 some days!

  • Looks great!

    • Thanks Dear John,
      It really makes the barn look good and the function is stellar!

  • Miriam

    Happy horses! I love the grain on the wood used for the stalls. The reddish streaks and gray streaks are quite beautiful! What kind of wood is that?

    • I am not sure, but it is the way it is milled and cut that made it look so good.

      Do I like old things because I am old, or because I see things with a new value?
      Thanks, friend!

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