New Baby Fish

April 13, 2017

There’s a new little fish in the family.

My family name is Fisher.

When you’re family name is Fisher, you are susceptible to things with fish on them…especially fabric.

I found darling fish fabric, while I was getting just a bit more purple fabric and I had to have it.  My nephew’s family had just welcomed the newest little fish and my Great Nephew carried, his Daddy’s, his Granddaddy’s and his Great Granddaddy’s initials.

I had to keep this new quilt simple, because I have too many other projects going, this comment alone, clearly defines me now as a quilter.  My goal was to sew this baby a quilt, easy, cute and get it in the mail.

I bought a bit of green bubbles to go with the fishes, a white on white and planned to use what else I had at home.

The width was decided by the size of my ruler (6 inches) to keep things simple.  I sewed these strips together and then cut them in to 6 inch tall strips.  I picked out some bright primary colored polka-dots and gingham for the other squares, cut them in 6 inch blocks, sewed them to white 6 inch blocks and ‘ta-da’!

I drew and cut out a card board fish.

I used this to trace and cut out 5 fabric fish and added them to a sea of blue.

I think it is easier to line up your applique and then trim off the excess after they’ve been sewn.

I got all ‘fancy’ and put the new little Fish’s initial’s on his quilt.

I love the yellow gingham binding!

and you know what?

I am blessed!

With love to them all

Joseph Solomon Fisher

John Stuart Fisher

Justin Stuart Fisher

Jacen Solomon Fisher


  • Diane

    Very sweet! I love the jumping fish, too!

  • Miriam

    What a wonderful whimsical little quilt! I especially love the appliqued fish jumping in and out of the water. This quilt will give many sweet dreams to the little young ‘un.

    • Thanks Mims, I was so glad to have thought of that…it is my favorite part!

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