Naming Animals

July 19, 2016

We take our naming of animals fairly seriously around here.  If you let kids/children/people under 13 get involved, they might not take it quite as seriously as we do.  However, it does add for some interesting humor in life.

The Old Ren Hen went broody.  She was determined to sit on her clutch of eggs until they hatched.  The only problem was, that the other hens were not very considerate of her situation.  The Old Red Hen picked the nest box all the hens like to lay eggs in to hatch her eggs.  Did the other hens, start laying in the other 4 nest boxes?  No, they just jumped into the ‘best’ box, which is not made for two hens and laid their eggs.  This meant that every day, the Old Red Hen had more eggs to try to hatch.  Chickens are not too smart and she could not keep track of which eggs she was working on and which she wasn’t.  I couldn’t keep track either.  When the time came for the eggs to hatch, most of them had not been adequately incubated.  As I came to check on her, if there were cold eggs in the box, not under the hen, I grabbed them and threw them across the field into the ditch.  Pretty soon we were down to just a few eggs.  We were concerned.  The Old Ren Hen had sat and sat, we hoped for a few chicks.  We even tried to find a few chicks to sneak under her, but it is not chick season.  Luckily, one egg hatched.  The Old Red Hen is happy and so are we.  Z is very excited about this and been following the progress of the Old Hen closely, so we let her name the chick.  Meet Arizona….Old red heanWe are waiting on Agnes to calve.  We are wondering how many calves she will have.  We are wondering, if the calf will have a white head or black.  Agnes went to the Prom with more than one date this year, two of the bulls were Black Angus and two were Hereford bulls.  We are not wondering, though what the calf’s name will be.  I was telling the story of the last calving births to my 3rd grade class.  In doing so, I explained my naming system, and that this year’s calf’s name would start with the letter F.  They said, “Can we name it!”

‘Well, you can try’

They started throwing out names for girls and boys, most of which made me laugh.  They did it though and we are ready with our F names….our little calf will either be Fifi or Ferdinand!

Number One Son and Number One Wife are working on names as well.  They/we are expecting a little delightful, darling GrandDAUGHTER in December!!  THE Grandson has been asked for his contributions to the naming pool.  THE Grandson is a book loving 2-year-old.  He thinks they should name his little sister….Clifford.

…and we are blessed!

  • Diane

    A Granddaughter! How wonderful! What a delightful blessing! Sending my congratulations to all!

  • Miriam

    Congratulations on the impending birth of THE Granddaughter! Another little one to cuddle! Happy, Happy Grandma!

  • Dawn Stimson Ellis

    So excited for you Ellen on the news of “THE” Granddaughter. We are hoping for one of those someday to go with our wonderful boys. We shall see.

    • Thank you Dawn! A girl will be very different and fun for sure to add!

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