My Oldest Friend

November 1, 2015

My oldest friend came for a quick visit.  We were born 2 days apart, next door to each other.  I, the youngest of 5, she the youngest of 6.  You could say we had some things in common!  How lucky was I to have a built-in playmate, best friend just next door.  We learned to roller-skate in her back yard as it was smooth cement.  We played kickball, baseball and all other sorts of games in the cul-de-sac we shared.  We spent most summer days in our pool, where some how once we could swim parents left us to ‘watch each other’…parents didn’t worry that we wouldn’t drown or drown each other…that might not have been a great idea, but still we did manage to survive.carol poolMy mother sewed us matching dresses…carol matching dress..and I was devastated when at 12 they moved away.  We stayed in touch, but still it was not next door.

When she was visiting Portland this weekend, they swung by Ellensburg for a visit.  (You gotta love Californians…who are not afraid to drive!)  It was quick, but it was sweet…to see someone who so truly knows your history….the shenanigans one might have possibly gotten up to when one was a child.

carolThe visit was much too short…but hopefully…my friend, my first friend…will be back…and I am blessed.

  • judyvickdahlson

    After visiting Glory Farm and a wonderful old friend I’m sure she’ll be back soon for a longer visit 🙂 Yes, what a blessing…..

    • Oh, that is my hope… Just as I look forward to your return!

  • Miriam

    Childhood friends reside in a very special place in our hearts. Glad you got to see her!

  • Diane

    I am so glad that so many friends are drawn to visit you and Glory Farm!

  • Richard Godley

    My first best friend got married when we were three and I never saw her again!

    • What!!!

      • Richard Godley

        I meant that WE were married when we were three by her 5 yo sister and then they moved!!

        • Ellen

          So sad!

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