My Dear John Letter

February 19, 2013

Dear John,

How are you?  How is your wife, BJ and the dog?  (See, this is an appropriate way to start a letter, especially when you are wanting something from someone).  We hope you are very, very well.  We know you’ve just retired and are busy doing retiring things, like cruises, camping and planning your trip from Arizona to Alaska.  We are just inquiring if Glory Farm is still on your master list of adventures along the way.  (Inquiring?.. more like desperately planning for John to come).

So, even though we only just met at ‘the’ wedding, … we are family now… kind of….depends on who you talk to…well, we think of you as family. (After all your darling niece married Number One Son and truly, anybody who wants to come work at Glory Farm quickly qualifies as family, which you’ve said you’d like to do.)

Come, please….pretty please.  Okay, here’s the thing, we know you are a great wood worker and so…have we got a job for you!

photo (35)

The family room has finally been painted, here is the work in progress.  (Yes, it was hard painting around a hot stove,.  Yes, we realize this would have been a job better left until summer, but that takes more planning than I often use).  Now the family room just needs a new ceiling, a new light fixture and (here’s the part where I am hoping he is still coming) the wood around the windows needs to be repaired and replaced.  The current molding is a circa 1950’s style with a fake wood grain paint/stain job, as you can see in the next picture, not the more period trim repaired and replaced by My Loving Spouse.  Also all the windows have been painted shut (and I mean shut).

photo (36)


photo (37)


Don’t worry the painting is really done and as you can see through the window, we’ll provide a porch swing for rest and relaxation, beautiful Ellensburg weather (it could be windy), fresh eggs, too many cats, and farm-house living (bedroom upstairs and the bathroom downstairs).

We know you have a LOT of adventures under your belt and planned with your trailer, but we do so hope, that we are still on the list.

Hoping to see you in may,



(PS:  If the rest of you don’t believe me about the adventures, check out John’s blog and pictures of his Scamp)

3 responses to “My Dear John Letter”

  1. Diane Brown says:

    Sounds like you’ll be counting down the days until May 4!

  2. John says:

    Estimating arrival May 4, departing May 11.

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