Moving day for the Motley Crew

July 6, 2012

Time for the Motley Crew (10 chicks) to move out to their newly renovated hen-house.  Chicken Little, Lucile, Lionel and the ‘back ups’  had out grown their brooder (fancy farm term for chicken box with a light).  We called in a semi-professional team of chicken movers to take up the task of transporting them across the yard.  For most of us, this was our first chicken wrangling job and we were thrilled that all 10 chicks arrived safely to their new home.  The darn chickens then immediately tried to launch themselves into the fence and do what they do best, jump on each other’s heads.  This is not the smartest group of chickens you’d ever find, ‘dumb’ I am told is ‘average’ for chickens.

With the chickens in the hen-house, the fierce and might barn kittens are back in the barn.  They are now beginning to explore the farm a lot more and I’d have to say that they too still like to jump on each others heads.  The kittens stay together which makes it easier to find them, but not necessarily easier to catch them, especially if they don’t want to be caught.


The weather was warm, the animals were settled, the dishes were done and the home made ice cream not yet served.  We had a full house, so it was the perfect time for the first official croquet game.  We needed to teach the youngest teen how the game is played and in the process we learned just how lumpy our lawn is, how far away the out of bounds are and how ruthless a group this is.  My first-born son AND my loving spouse took their turns knocking my ball to kingdom-come.  All to no avail, for at the end of the day there was only one thing I had to say… “Winner, winner chicken* dinner”.

*Not our chickens of course, but you get the idea!

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