Mole Bonding

November 10, 2012

Number Two son and I bonded on his recent time at home over moles.  Not a dermatological situation, but an invasion by the nasty rodent population that is too lowly to stick their heads above ground and insist on making their presence known by burrowing through our yard and our pasture leaving behind piles of dirt which seem to get more prolific by the day.  Dressed appropriately for the operation as the pasture is muddy and dotted with horse poop, we armed our selves with multiple bombs, fuses and matches.

I love working with Number Two Son especially when we don’t really know what we’re doing.  We share a sort of sweet, comical bumbling.  We are fairly satisfied with our endeavors and call it ‘good’, if we haven’t broken anything or shed any blood, and if we’ve accomplished our original goal, well that’s even better.  As we’d never bombed any moles, we did break down and read the directions, not that they helped all that much.

Gently remove the dirt from the hill and find Mole’s tunnel.  Insert the fuse into the bomb, light the fuse and place the bomb in the tunnel, fuse down.  Cover the tunnel gently with a rock or dirt.

Mole hills are easy to spot, but finding the actual tunnel is down right difficult.  We possibly had more Mole bombs than sense, and so after digging at multiple hills, decided to just start bombing anything.  Well, not anything, but any spot under a mound that had at any time the presence of a mole.  Of course it was a windy day, so getting the fuse to lite was aggravating.  We used up 7 bombs and almost a box of matches.  I am fairly confident that we got a few of the nasty rodents, smoked to death or just possibly a few died laughing at us.

  • Susan

    Just love your humor!!

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