Minus a few Cats

September 11, 2012

Six cats are a lot of cats, even for a farm.  We use to walk into the barn and the mice would scatter.  Now we walk into the barn and the cats scatter, diving into their ‘cat’ holes in the barn floor.  Then they pop their heads out to see if it is ‘safe’ to re-enter, which is a pretty funny sight.

The Bride is a cat person, a cat whisperer in fact.  She has been wooing the feral cats on every visit.  She fell in love with Pooh the first time they met and immediately made plans for kidnapping the kitten.  (Except she told me about her plans… so that wasn’t actually very ‘kidnapper’ like).  The Groom is a dog person, but fell in love with Tigger (or as he says, “he really likes her”), which is sort of the same thing when you are a dog person.  Tigger & Pooh turned into some pretty nice pets.  There in lies the problem, barn cats life expectancy is short, or as my loving spouse bluntly states, “Something usually gets them”.

‘Something’ getting Pooh or Tigger was a bit hard to stomach.  Having three indoor cats was not an option.  The kids were working on turning two of the feral cats into pets, which meant trapping them just for starters.  We all realized that the best thing to do for our barn kittens was to let them upgrade to city kittens, where their life expectancy would be long, they’d be well (really well) loved and the kids would get a pair of really nice cats.

The fierce & mighty duo have moved to Spokane with the newlyweds, so far they seem to be adjusting pretty well.  Those of us left at the farm miss them, even me, but we know we’ve done the right thing.



  • Diane Brown

    Well, I sure hope those other cats that have shown up, will do the “barn cat” thing very well. I am guessing that Tigger and Pooh will do a marvelous job as “house cats”.

  • Christa P

    Well the newlyweds will be safe from all potential snake threats for sure!!! I think 2 less cats for you is not a bad thing!!!

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