Mice or Men??

November 23, 2013

Pooh our ‘favorite’ barn cat came in for two days to take care of the mouse situation in the kitchen.  Pooh quickly proved an utter failure at house hunting mice, preferring to spend her time curled up on the couch in front of the warm fire.  Go figure!  This after we’d left all the kitchen cupboards open and alerted the female offspring that there would certainly be a dead mouse in the kitchen and to tread lightly! Pooh was evicted to the barn once again where I am sure she is thinking to her furry little self, ‘darn’ (or something like it).

Diner the other evening the Damn Cat was showing all the signs of a current mouse situation in the frying pan drawer.  Number Two Son got up opened the drawer and declared,

“Oh, there it is!”

Whereby I managed the amazing fête of making female-eek-it-is-a-mouse noises while seeking refuge in the farthest corner of the kitchen all the while able to blurt out instructions to  Number Two.

“Throw the Damn Cat in the drawer!!”

All the while My Loving Spouse was making ‘man comments’ that went something like, “Oh, settle down it is just a mouse”.

Yeah, right!

The Damn Cat was thrown in the drawer, where she stayed for about a nano-second, immediately jumping out and the mouse in question fled.

My Loving Spouse turned into the mighty-mouse-hunter-good-husband guy leaving for the store for mouse traps and M&M’s.

photo (78)Current score

Men 3, Mice 0

Note to visiting female…do not open the frying pan drawer!


4 responses to “Mice or Men??”

  1. Sheena says:


  2. Sheena says:

    I used to keep mice as pets, they are ever so cute when you get to know them. P at might even remenber them popping their heads out of the ink wells in our desks!

  3. Richard says:

    Hi there Ellen,
    I have a Siamese Sealpoint Tom who regularly brings mice IN to the house to play with. The record is 3 on the go at the same time and I despair sometimes as he only does it to tell me how neglected and starving to death he is! (as if!)
    However the point of my reply is that mousetraps should be baited with what mice like best – and that isn’t cheese. The best bait I have found is bacon, with the close second being chocolate of all things!

    Very best and have a happy thanksgiving


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