Memories from Mayhem

July 15, 2014

memoriespicm4Why is it that sometimes when manure stuff happens, it happens all at the same time?

In the last 24 hours, ‘stuff’ happened.

My Loving Spouse is having a tough time getting over his knee replacement.  It has been 4 weeks, and although he wasn’t planning on doing a jig after a week or two, he was planning on going back to work…and having less pain…and having doctors call him back when things were really not looking ‘right’…and not feeling sick.

Last night he was not doing well…

The dishwasher broke…

He went to bed and I spent an hour in the kitchen cleaning up an additional mess  left behind on this hot summer night via some nasty animal…and maybe feeling a teeny, tiny bit sorry for myself.

This morning My Loving Spouse made his debut back at work where he lasted one hour and was sent home by the head honcho.  Back on the farm, the plumbing backed up and someone was having stomach ‘issues’ that made this very problematic…isn’t that always the way!

While I was waiting for the Septic Angel to call me back and say when he could come out, friends showed up and made the mayhem…better.  Our Friend the Farmer stopped by as he too has been worried about My Loving Spouse and THE knee.  We were sharing our concern, taking My Loving Spouse’s temperature, because that is what the Vet tells him to do with his cows, when Our Friend the Farmer’s Girl Friend stopped by with a box of doughnuts…let me tell you, this was a sure sign that things were looking up!


So, I put on a pot of coffee…and then the Septic Angel showed up.  Two hours after the call went out, he didn’t bother to call…he just came, this is unheard of prompt and immediate service!

memoriespicm1It was feeling almost like a party.  Usually, when this ‘stuff’ happens, I am alone to deal with it, to talk septic systems with the Angel and try to interpret the dialog latter to My Loving Spouse, which always seems to go something like,

“Did you ask him about the leech field”


“Well, did he say anything about the flow and the ground and the tank and the….”


I liked having My Loving Spouse home to talk to the Septic Angel himself and all I needed to do was pour coffee.  I really like having friends…and friends that will help dig up your septic system…even better!memoriespicm2

…and sit down at your picnic table with a cup of coffee and a doughnut while the Septic Angel pumps your tank about 12 feet away.

With everything flushing well again, the Septic Angel left as did the rest of the coffee & doughnut crew.  We were left with THE Knee, a broken dishwasher and waiting for the Doctor to call My Loving Spouse back.  

The next set of friends family stopped to see us on their way back to Texas.  They helped try and fix the dishwasher.  Helped me to wash all the dishes I had stashed in the dishwasher to make the house look clean for their visit.  Made runs to the workshop with me to look for the tools My Loving Spouse needed to fix the dishwasher, visited, looked at pictures of THE Grand baby, took us out to diner and…looked at THE Knee.  Yes, this particular friend family is a doctor.  His diagnosis…cause for concern…yes, cause for panic…no.  We were relieved.  We were grateful.

Grateful for friends…family…

..who show up from around the corner or across a bunch of states and join into our mayhem,

making it better and making the mayhem a sweet memory.



  • Mady

    even through your mayhem, I always get a sense of peace when I read about your ‘new’ life on the farm! Blessings and healing thoughts sent your way….xo

    • Ellen

      Mady, we appreciate the prayers…

  • Kathy Craig

    Great to see the photo of the Giffords!

    • Ellen

      It was of course great to see them!

  • Christap

    Prayers for THE KNEE. To heal well and fast!

    • Ellen

      Appreciate EVERY prayer!

  • I like the shirt. Both of my kids graduated from UCLA.
    Pat, sorry you aren’t moving as fast as you thought. Take it easy and don’t push.

    • Ellen

      Thanks Doris!
      He has a new anti-botic to deal with the infection in the incision…so we are hopeful.

  • Peggy O’Leary

    I know why your loving spouse is having knee pain………he is wearing a UCLA t-shirt! What size does he wear? I’m on my way to the USC bookstore!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Go Trojans,

    Peggy O

    • Ellen

      I love you Peggy O. AND I graduated from UCLA!

  • Carole Kunz

    I am sorry to hear that Your Loving Spouse is not recovering as quickly as we all hoped he would. Very nice that you have so many wonderful friends who always seem to work together in helping one another.

  • Diane Brown

    I do love a good angel story. Sounds like a whole crew of angels was sent your way! and with doughnuts!

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