May Snow Day

May 23, 2014

Today is a ‘Snow Day’.  The ‘snow day’ is planned by the school calendar for the Friday before Memorial day.  If we had taken a day ‘off’ during the school year for real snow, we’d be going to school/work today….but we didn’t so can you say…’longer long week-end’ and yippee! On top of a day off, it is also windy…strong wind, which makes for a good reason to stay inside, so I am going to pretend that the house is clean and spend my day off sewing.  I have a few projects to finish up and I was ready to get going, so with my coffee by my side I got an early start…meaning while I was still in bed.  Now I knew I’d need to be careful not to spill my coffee on the quilt I was binding (hand sewing), but I might have also maybe learned that you have to be careful not to sew the quilt binding straight through onto the sheets on the bed as well…so after fixing that…I decided that perhaps sewing in bed was not the best idea.  I did however, finish the quilt I was working on for E.  E. is the smallest of my 10 nephews and still young enough to enjoy a whimsical robot quilt.   snowdaypicm6I learned how to ‘fussy cut’ and applique the robots on, which was a new step for me, also if you are not a sewer/quilter you can just ignore those last comments, as they probably do not make sense.  I very gratefully snagged this pattern from my new internet friend Debbie, even though she doesn’t know I exist, her directions were wonderful and I want to make sure I give credit where it is due.snowdaypicm2 I m on a roll, as I also finished a ‘sprocket’ pillow for My Other Girl.  The fabrics are from the wedding quilt I have in progress for her.  The pillow was easy and I am so appreciative of yet another creative internet ‘friend’, that so generously shares their ideas and their great instructions.snowdaypicm3The pillow was easy and fun and I had all the stuff!  Well, okay, I didn’t have the buttons one covers in fabric, but I do now.snowdaypicm5 Now it is just lunch time…what to do, what to do… start some new projects!  Perhaps, a few more pillows, or bibs, or perfect my chicken-feed-bag-trash-can…snowpicm4

  • Diane Brown

    What a fun, creative day! I am in need of one of those days but alas my day will be spent cleaning!

    • Ellen

      Pretend it is clean!

  • Christap

    How about a reusable shopping bag from the chicken feed bag!! That trash can is sooooo cute!

    • Ellen

      We think a like. That was what I was going for. The machine and I are struggling to find the right needle and thread combo.

  • Miriam

    You are turning into a “quilter extraordinaire”! Love your pieces. Keep sending more pix!

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