Love The One You’re With

June 24, 2015

We are having a family reunion for the 4th of July.  Here at the farm…where there is animal poop, flies, a half bath and it is going to be HOT.  It is only really hot here in the summer for about 2 weeks a year and this year those two weeks will hit with a vengeance, while we have 24 family members here who are used to things like…air conditioning.

I keep trying to remember that it is the time together that matters…and yet, I want them to have a great time and so far, God has not put me in charge of the weather, but I will for sure let you know if that changes.

My big brother and his wife usually host the family reunion and they make a hard job look easy!  It also doesn’t hurt that their beautiful pool home is a bit like going to a resort for most of us.  This time the reunion is at the farm.  We are excited that they are coming…  We’ve been working hard to get ready…  We want this to be a fun, memory maker for them all.

Will 200 Popsicles be enough?

How many inner tubes will we need for people to float the irrigation canal?

Do I need to write down ‘our’ rules to croquet?

Will anyone want to play ‘family bingo’?

Will my home-made gifts be…okay?

Will it be too hot?

Not ‘everyone’ is coming, but everyone that is coming is making an effort to be here…just as we are making an effort for it to be a special time.  So I will open our home… be our quirky regular self… be grateful for those that come and ‘love the ones we are with’.sky


2 responses to “Love The One You’re With”

  1. Diane says:

    A trip to Glory Farm is a special treat. It will be wonderful I’m sure!

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