The ‘A’ List

August 3, 2014

‘They’ are almost here.  We’ve been waiting for them to come since we first bought the farm.  ‘They’ are fun, funny, enjoy a good game, a good book, a good glass of gin and a bit of a project…‘they‘ are My Loving Spouse’s Little Sister and her partner in all things the delightful ‘A’.  They’ve come from England and will be with us off and on for about 3 weeks.  We’ll have to host a game or two of croquet as we’ve been telling all of our friends about them and how much they are going to like them, etc. and so forth.

Except you see, they are not here yet, which is sort of good for us as we are very busy trying to get ready for them, well get ready for ‘A’ really.  We’ve been working on our ‘A’ list.  You see ‘A’ just celebrated his 70th birthday and so we’re trying to give him something very special, something never before experienced here at Glory Farm…ever…it is called a toilet upstairs.  This in no way should indicate that we are nearing the end of the bathroom remodel, but we are making good headway.bathroompicm2It is starting to look like a bath room, well…at least to us, but then as you may imagine we have a large imagination.

Bringing the toilet in from the garage to the attic should be no big deal.  Attaching the toilet to the plumbing is a very big deal.  A house built in 1889 means that the house was built before there was plumbing.  The crawl space under the house is very, very small or so I’ve heard as I’ve not actually gone down there and have no intention of ever going.  So we hired some help for My Loving Spouse and between the two of them, they managed to not only get mud from one end of the house to the other, but did manage make the necessary adjustments to the plumbing to accept a toilet upstairs.

One problem with having two men working everywhere in the house, is our night owl, My Girl who is working graveyard and needs to sleep.  Ever innovative….the pantry was a cool and dark place…so in went the roll away bed.bathroompicm3…and as her friend said, “Gave a whole new meaning to the term ‘mid-night’ snack”.

Also on our ‘A’ list is a door for the bathroom…lighting, tile, a sink on the wall, dry wall, a window are all on the ‘B’ list, or the ‘C’ list.

‘A’ has been worried that if they didn’t get to Glory Farm soon, all the projects will be done, which gave My Loving Spouse and I a good and long, hearty laugh.  My Loving Spouse keeps saying things like..

“Oh, when My Sister and A are here, I’ll get A to help me with that….”

So we’ve started another ‘A’ list….

6 responses to “The ‘A’ List”

  1. David says:

    I’ve continued to think about this post and our recent visit. Reflect on the fact that neighbors became friends…then family and loved ones. What a wonderful gift from a generous God. How quickly Pat and I have found common ground and bonded. Repeat last sentence.

    • Ellen says:

      So true…what a wonderful gift from a generous God! Corey has a Remington 870, that is actually Uncle Scotty’s (Mom’s brother-in-law)…his son had it and has given it on a long term loan to Corey. Corey loves the sound it makes, when you load it and has no interest in sharing it with his brother…at all….again what a wonderful gift your friendship/family is to us…got your card today and the picture…so sweet!

  2. David says:

    I am absolutely certain that based on exposure to older brother that we would enjoy younger sister and her (relatively) younger husband (at least when viewed from the perspective of a couple of 75 year olds. Hey, I made it up the stairs!

  3. Diane Brown says:

    Having a bathroom upstairs will be a wonderful thing!

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