Lights, Action!

June 25, 2017

We have lights in THE Bathroom!  Lights as in, one walks into the room and flicks a switch and lights go on!  Not the lights we have had called, do not trip over the extension cord to the power strip, which led to the shop light leaning up against the wall.

We had the lights themselves for quite a while.  We’ve had them so long, that My Loving Spouse forgot what was actually in their box, just sitting upstairs waiting for the wiring to be finished.  I had ordered them online, with My Loving Spouse’s complete agreement at the time of ordering.  Except…we both forgot about one thing…the room is not square.  It is not even a rectangle….in math terms it is a hexagon.  Yep, 6 sides, which makes lighting on the wall (where I wanted it) more difficult.

Enter “One of THE Seattle Cousins”….who was on his anniversary trip…complete with his tool box.He graciously worked all day on our electrical, hooking up light switches, installing the new lights (that everyone thought was wrong), conferring with me about their placement, which meant for the first time in my life, I got to boss him around!  (This nut did not fall far from the Bossy Tree, but being one of the younger cousins, I rarely got to exercise my bossy ‘gift’ with him.)See that short slanted ceiling…yes, that was the bit we forgot about.  With My Loving Spouse off driving, My Cousin put the lights I LOVE where I want them.  This does mean I will have to redraw the plans for the medicine cabinets…oh, well, those plans only exist in my head anyway.I love them!  We had time for dinner, croquet and card games!…and one of my favorite things ever…sitting in the same pew at church with people I love.

Thank you!

…and I am very blessed.

  • Cynthia Palmer

    Could use that here in my “new” home from 1830!!

    • I do love the lights. They are sold as ‘outdoor’ lights, but I didn’t care.

  • I thought we made a door for that hole between the sink and the bathtub???

    • He went in and out and in and out and in and…..

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