Learning to Listen

March 26, 2014

I am not an ‘orange & teal’ person.

I am not an ‘orange’ person.

I am not a ‘teal’ person.

I am most certainly not an ‘orange & teal’ person.

To awake with the dream/vision/idea/thought that I was to make a quilt with orange & teal is not my ‘norm’, but the ‘message’ seemed clear.  I was to make an orange & teal quilt, for our dear friends J-1 and J-2 who need rest, comfort and restoration.  J-1 has been in the hospital for most of this year…8 weeks in the hospital, 5 weeks in ICU.  A young man (34) with H1N1 flu that turned into pneumonia and then Respiratory Distress Syndrome…a time when concern was grave, if he would make it…and prayers were abundant.  I told My Loving Spouse, I think I am supposed to make a quilt for J-1 and J-2.

He said, “Well, then you should.”

“In orange & teal.”


The thought came quickly together as my mind drifted through church that morning…with black and white…I am to make a quilt for our wonderful, dear, amazing young friends, who are in a long ordeal…and to comfort them.

The most common question heard at quilting is, “What are you making?”  Answering this question as I launched into a new project began with, “Well, it is sort of a God-thing.”  As I explained why I was making it, one dear friend said, “Oh, you are learning to listen to the voice of God.”  The quilt became known as “My God Quilt”

When I ‘listen’ stuff happens.  The amazing thing, is not that God calls us to act in love for others.  The amazing thing is that as I listen and do my best to give God the glory, he still gives us all the fun!jonquiltpicmTo J-1 and J-2, be well my friends and know that you are loved.


Pattern adapted from Plus Quilt.  

I used dimensions for cot size, but piece count for queen size to build a larger lap quilt.

15 responses to “Learning to Listen”

  1. Diane Brown says:

    What a gorgeous, warm hug you are sending with prayer. May God speak to you more as you keep listening!

  2. Don says:

    May you always hear the words of God & be humble in your association….Love from your friend dg

  3. Mady says:

    So beautiful Ellen…. both the quilt and your thoughts on listening to God.

  4. Sue and Gary says:

    I also don’t like the colors orange or teal. But your quilt , and your thoughts, are beautiful!

  5. David says:

    But you haven’t told us WHY orange and teal constitute the colors for a prayer-like God Quilt…especially given your stated antipathy for these colors. This calls out for some explanation.

  6. Heather Flatley says:

    Best wishes to your friends for their return to good health, and I love what you said about listening, I am trying to do that more.

  7. Miriam says:

    It really came together nicely! You are becoming a master quilter!

  8. Diane Wallace says:

    You are AMAZING!! And most definitely a God-thing! The quilt is gorgeous. Your friends will surely treasure it!!

  9. Beautiful quilt and a great reminder to listen when God speaks!

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