The Last Day of School

June 13, 2014

Today is the last day of school!  I haven’t been this excited for the last day of school, since I was about 10 years old!  When I was 10, summer meant reading books, until my Mother told me to “Put that book down and go outside”, swimming, playing outside after dinner, the beach, trips to my Uncle’s farm, Popsicles and that ‘freedom’ that comes when it is summer and you are a kid.  However, this year it might be even better….

I love, love, love my job at the school, (total truth, there is one small part I do not love and that part is now over and I never have to do it again, so when I go back in the fall, I will just have the good stuff) but still…this is my first summer off from all of it and this is my first summer off from having kids out of school for the summer!  A quick 20 years and wham, we are done.  I am not going to hear about how anybody is ‘bored’ or try to limit teenagers electronic time, when really ‘they should put down that gadget and go outside’… I still bought the kids their first book of the summer (a tradition) and I’ll probably keep a few Popsicles on hand, but I am not in charge of anybody’s summer but mine.  I have a box of books to read, literally, sent home with me by My Librarian.  I am going to paint the house, ride horses, dig in the dirt and sew.  A husband to nurse through a ‘total knee replacement’ and then…THE Grandchild’s birth, so it is sure to be the best summer ever…

I am already looking forward to summers with grand kids at the farm…we’ll read books, eat Popsicles, paint barns, ride horses, dig in the dirt, maybe even sew and if they say they are bored…well, I’ll just tell them to….call their Mom.

  • To your loving spouse:

    Hope you get well soon but enjoy all the extra attention and the opportunity to do nothing but rest.

    Best wishes,
    Barbara (Liz Vaughn Avila’s Mom)

    • Ellen

      Thank you Barbara!!

  • Diane Brown

    It sounds like a wonderful summer ahead with lots of good things to look forward to.

  • Miriam

    Sounds like you will have a wonderful summer! Keep those Popsicles handy. Never know who will show up.

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