Kids In Spring

April 7, 2016

When we first started having Mr. T and Z, it was winter.  Cold, snowy winter days and I was sure, that when spring came, it would be easier.  Having the kids on beautiful Spring days is delightfully FUN, but easier?  Hahahahaha.  Z at 11, is very interested in learning about the horses.  If we work with the horses, we need one adult per horse and another adult to be Mr. T’s (2 years old) minder.  Number Two Son excels at Mr. T wrangling.  If Number Two is not around, Mr. T only wants to run or have me hold him…either option makes doing chores…unpredictable.buffalo kid eggMr. T is learning!  Previously, anything even closely resembling a ball was thrown (overhand and with much gusto).  I cautiously let him have these eggs, telling him that they were ‘eggs’ and holding my breath.  The eggs survived intact.

We bought some hay for our herd from Our Neighbor Jim.  We needed to pick up the hay at his buffalo ranch about 20 minutes away.

“Great!”, I thought, “Let’s take the kids!”

Three adults, 2 kids, a herd of buffalo…perfect!  buffalo big boyJim fed the herd where the kids could see them best.buffalo kid ranchThe brave even tried their hand at feeding the huge hairy beasts.buffalo kidsWe love these kiddos.  We know that they are attached to us.  We really understand that we have no control over anything in their little lives…sometimes that is hard, there is a lot we might like to change for their benefit, but we are not in control.

…so we continue to show up for them…and do our best….our wildly imperfect best…which is ourselves.Buffalo ice cream

It is not always easy, but it is always worth it…

  • Diane

    Love the happy grin on Mr. T’s face! I have a similar issue with one of my students, I can’t fix his life situation. I just try to love him as he acts out (sometimes a VERY difficult thing to do).

    • We just ‘show’ up and do our best! Amen to you and your student!

  • Miriam

    Mr. T looks like he REALLY wants to SQUISH those delicate eggs he’s holding. He has a very mischievous little face. You and your loving spouse are doing such fun and loving things with these 2 young ones. How many kids get to feed buffalo?? You are making a life long positive impact on their lives. No one could do it better. Bless you.

    • Thank you, my friend…the desire is to ‘fix’ and sometimes that is not our ability, but we do try to be ‘there’ and that is our part! Much love!

  • Dianne


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