Jubal, our tractor

June 19, 2012

Moles are a pain in our tractor seat.  They are surprisingly only a little bit bigger than a mouse, but uglier (which is saying something as I do not find mice ‘cute’ in anyway).  I saw one on the move yesterday and could tell it was a mole not a mouse as it was burrowing under the cut grass not running over it.  I wasn’t even scared, but that was probably because I was up on Jubal with lots of cutting tools doing their cutting job behind me and the destructive varmint was running for its little rodent life.

I am still learning about driving the tractor.  As I did NOT drive it into the irrigation canal, Pat and I both thought the day was extremely productive!  I did come ‘close’ however, but we all know when ‘close’ counts and we were not playing horseshoes.  Horseshoes is about the only game we could have played yesterday the way the wind was blowing.  Yesterday’s wind was actually getting me a little down, until I jumped on Jubal.  Tractor driving is the best medicine around.  I think I should open a special B&B for folks who need a pick me up.  Come to Glory Farm, drive the tractor, play with the kittens, and count the chickens (which we do everyday and they already ‘hatched’ so we’re just making sure they are all still with us).  We’ve still got 10 and they change daily, but we’ve still no idea how many are roosters.  The teen announced that if we ended up eating any of the roosters, just don’t tell her.  I’d have to say, that I’d not only second that, but go a step further and just plain lie to me.  Tell me that you gave all the roosters away and we are eating Fred Myer chicken.  This little one is our runt and so it is of course named Little, yep, as in Chicken Little.  The rest of the chicks are growing so fast that they are no longer referred to as Pat’s babies, but are now the motley crew!




  • Heather Flatley

    Love all your posts, so fun to hear of all the progress! Be careful with the rodents, they will eat your car engine wires, make nests in the air filter etc. We hang mothballs in the car engine (and take them out when we drive!) – this repels the critters.

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