Important Restoration

June 14, 2016

Finding time to write on the blog, is a tad tricky right now that the kids are here.  However, they are both asleep…or at least they are both safe in their beds and are quiet, which quite frankly is all I care about.  My Loving Spouse is not only home, but he poured me wine!  Life is good.  I figure I have at least 20 minutes before I cannot keep my eyes open another second.

Just prior to the kids coming, Number Two Son helped me tackle updating the living room wall.  The wall was almost a blank canvas and it was driving me crazy.  We pulled out a collection of family pictures and a few mementos and got to work.  I measured the wall and then put a sheet on the ground the same size as the wall.  We used the sheet space to arrange and rearrange the items we planned to hang.  Let me tell you, this works so much better than my other way, which is to drill hole after hole in the wall as I realize I want to move pictures around a bit.  wall framesEvery time I see this wall now I smile.  I wouldn’t change a thing, well…I would next time find a hammer, because actually trying to hammer with the butt end of the drill is not really all that easy, but as you can see, it does work.

A friend made a comment the other day about how “I always get stuff done”.  All I can say is….hahahahaha…oh, sweet Peggy you just haven’t been here yet.  Here’s to eliminating that illusion, do you like my garage?wall garage messWould you like a close up?wall garage real messSometimes I get things done…like the wall.

Sometimes I shut the garage door, so I do not have to see the mess.

With the kids here, I am getting very little done toward the restoration of Glory Farm.  Truthfully, I am quite worn out.  However, I do know that Glory Farm is doing her part toward the restoration of two little souls…and I am blessed.

  • Diane

    The pictures and momentos look fabulous! The garage can wait. I am so glad you are blessed with sleeping, quiet children!

    • Thank you friend. Sleeping children is a blessing for sure!

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