Hot & Cold

December 22, 2015

A Christmas treat came early for Number Two Son this year!  We returned to work on the ‘half’ (done) bath in the attic.  Our goal…hot and cold running water!  Woo hoo!  After 4 trips to the hardware store…bath time hardware store(Note to Southern California…the snow on the wreath?  Yes, it is real.)

As the school-house sink stands out from the wall a bit, My Loving Spouse was not quite sure how he was going to get the plumbing attached to the faucets.bath sink faucetsHe did have a plumbing brainstorm and used 4 sets of braided plumbing line to reach from the faucets out the back wall.  Yep, he is handier than pockets!

When Number Two Son found out what we were doing, he quickly offered to help.  The prospect of brushing his teeth upstairs was tantalizing…to say nothing of a bath!  Number Two is just like his namesake, Papa Joe Fisher who loved to read in the tub.  Number Two was soon learning some plumbing skills installing the drain works.bath time plumberMy jobs remained the usual…’Step and Fetch It’.  We still need another trip to the hardware store, but for now there is both hot and cold running water!bath faucetsNumber Two can brush his teeth and as long as he doesn’t splash (since we do not have the tile up), he can even have a bath!  I am focusing on what is done and doesn’t it look fabulous!  Love that sink and those faucets!!!  Love My Loving Spouse who was willing to deal with ‘that bloody heavy sink and those expensive faucets’ believing in my vision for this bathroom!

Number Two Son quickly enjoyed the first bath upstairs…he had everything he needed!bath faucets2Hot and cold running water, no splashing, a bath mat, bath bubbles, and a cordless drill…?

Yes, we are blessed.

4 responses to “Hot & Cold”

  1. Diane says:

    How wonderful to have another “piece of the puzzle” in place!

  2. Miriam says:

    Let’s hear it for creative plumbing that gets the job done! I almost expected a pix of Number Two Son enjoying soaking in the tub….. but I guess even YOU wouldn’t go THAT far!

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