December 22, 2017

There is sawdust on my slippers, my ‘inside’ shoes.  We’ve been mixing Christmas activities such as cutting down our own tree in the forest, with work on THE bathroom.

I would say, that it is the longest bathroom remodel/addition in the history of Ellensburg, but I know someone who took 8 years on theirs.  We are way ahead of that!

The bead board trim and base boards are up, so the floor just needed to be sanded.  I took this task over, as someone was laying down on the job.My knees and back held out for all the sanding of the floors, so I applied the filler to the floors as well.  Giving My Loving Spouse time to put the finishing touches on THE Grandson’s Christmas present, a replica of a present his Grandfather made for him, when he was a small boy.  We are pretty excited to be giving this gift.  No, I cannot tell you what it is, it is a secret.We have mixed our time off from school and driving with a renewed determination to finish the damn/darn/beautiful bathroom.  Work and play have been in balance.  Number Two Son took me to the Gard Winery Christmas party.  Great wine, great food and fun down to earth people.  I was more star struck by the Farm manager who grows their grapes, than I’ve ever been by any famous actors I have met.  An Ugly Christmas sweater party, proved a bit more challenging, as we are too cheap to actually buy anything ugly.  I made My Loving Spouse this Ugly sweater and then ‘made’ him wear it, while I literally stole the tree skirt from under our Christmas tree.  I am grateful for these days, of working and playing together.  I am well aware, that this season, this season of hope can be painful and bleak.

I easily remember different Christmas days.  The desperate time of deep sadness, that after years of marriage counseling, my children would be having parents that divorced.  It hurts my heart still.

Where do we find ‘hope’?

I believe hope is given to us.  Given by those who walk alongside us, especially in our darkest days.  Hope is not thrust upon us, but believed for us.   I came out of my darkest days, with hope that life would some day be different, because dear, compassionate, trusted friends believed it for me, shared it with me and helped me to see, that our God is a God of love and second chances…even for me with all my mess…and even for you.

If this season is bleak, I want to share my hope for you.  I believe your life will get better and that you are loved, in all your mess.  After all, Jesus was born in a stable, and we all know that there had to be some mess in there.

Thank you for walking along with me,

Merry Christmas,

  • Diane

    Hope is so precious. Thank you for the reminder that there is a way out of the mess.

    • Blessings to you, and patience as you wind up your teaching career. Much love!

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