Handy Man

May 1, 2015

Back in ‘the day’, (the day being before I’d met My Loving Spouse) and I was internet dating, I read a fair share of men’s profiles and there were some men who claimed that they were ‘sexy’.  Really!  I used to think, in our age group 50-60, I don’t want some old boy who thinks he is ‘sexy’.  I want somebody that is ‘handy’…now that is sexy.  On our third date (Easter Sunday), My Loving Spouse in his good church clothes fixed my toilet… Oh, be still my heart!  Someone once told My Loving Spouse, ‘why you are as handy as pockets’ and I’d have to say, that it is true.

With 5 grazing animals to feed, grass is a premium.  Getting all of the pastures to produce more grass is like money in the bank.  We have never had the means to get water on the North 4…until now.  Over time we’ve turned what is a an old (100 years) broken irrigation drain that runs through our farm into a means of irrigating the North 4.

So enters My Loving Spouse, my favorite handy man, who sealed the sides of the box he’d built, added an extension on the pipe we’d laid to return the water to the ditch, so that the box will fill with water.  He then, just rebuilt an old pump that was here.water pumpNumber One Son had gotten us some old fire hose the station was throwing out.  The hose has a few leaks, but it doesn’t really matter to us, because they are small enough to just water whatever spot they happen to be in.fire hoseMy Loving Spouse then took a bit of pipe, welded three lengths of re-bar onto it to make a tri-pod, adding a large sprinkler to the top and we have water!sprinklerThe water sprinkler covers about 50 feet, moves pretty easily and cost…zero.  Handy as pockets and he’s all mine!

4 responses to “Handy Man”

  1. judyvickdahlson says:

    When we were “young” and uninformed, we never could have imagined that “handy” could make us so RANDY!!!

  2. Diane says:

    What a blessed woman you are to have such a “sexy” man!

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