Growing For The Vineyard

September 23, 2015

I might be strutting around the farm just a teeny tiny bit this week.  After selling my steer Bob and now growing for THE Vineyard, I am feeling like a proper farmer…being rewarded for raising my two favorite things…cows and pumpkins!

THE Vineyard is preparing for their harvest festival.  They were so busy tending to the grapes, that they did not come up with a good crop of pumpkins to use for decorating for the festivities.  THE Vineyard turned to the Best Pumpkin grower in Kittitas County…or they turned to The Guy Who Works There’s Mom Who Is Always Talking About Pumpkins…  It was one of those…

The pumpkin selection process was a tad tricky, as this grower is waiting to have THE Grandson here to pick out his pumpkin or pumpkins depending on the love level of his 1-year-old pumpkin picking skills.  I picked pumpkins for them that had actually grown outside of the fence…saving them from the dogs and the pumpkins 2I washed them off…and had them pumpkin catI loaded them up and delivered them to THE pumpkinsTHE Vineyard was duly impressed and rewarded my pumpkin growing skills with gold…or with wine, which is sort of the same thing.wineNumber One Son commented that I got the better deal…but then again he hasn’t actually been out to My Great Pumpkin Patch yet.  I am preparing him to be amazed…and if he isn’t…well, I do have hope in his little son.

  • Miriam

    I bow to you, oh Great Pumpkin Grower! Those are beautiful specimens. Somehow, I think there will be PLENTY of pumpkins for your grandson to choose from…!

    • I cannot wait to have him here! Another week!

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